Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cincinnati Certification and perspective

Should be a learning experience. It will be my first certification since pre surgery. I have changed my rack position and it seems to work. I've set small but consistent PRs. I would like to share them. It is what Valery taught me all along. We fall into a rut when what works for us is not best for us but we are too comfortable to change. Valery is a rembrandt of technical knowledge in that he knows at a glance exactly what each of us need to be the best kettlebell lifters.

Old and new records.

10 minutes Old Record(since new technique) : 48
New pending
8 minutes old record:39 (New 42)
6 minutes old record: 34 (New Pending)
5 minutes old record: 29 (New 30)

the 8 minutes record was today.

There are professional kettlebell lifters Russian or otherwise who have consulted Valery for technical advice. Wisely so. In Latvia a 60 kg world champion asked Valery for snatch advice. Puts things in perspective.

From the ground, looking up at 10000 feet and 29000 feet(Mt Everest) look high and blurred in how different their respective altitudes are. But the difference becomes more noticeable when you have reached the peak of the 10000 foot mountain. I went hiking in Yosemite(9900 feet) when one of my friends pointed to the plane way way high saying (If that is roughly 30000 feet then Mt Everest is unbelievable). I am not belittling accomplishment. But it is all relative. Its why numbers(reps) identify who everyone is when it comes to kettlebells.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Competitions coming up fast

I am told that there will be quite a turnout. It will be good.