Thursday, December 30, 2010

Train for life.

I know its not New Years yet!

For the first session, I will offer a complimentary session.

But I need your help, I need you to tell me your goals and where you are in your progress even if you are NOT interested in GS.

You have nothing to lose with a free session.

Happy New Year!

email me for more details.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Training Christmas Day

2 32 kg long cycle

7,6,6,6,6,6 = 5:55. In unideal conditions. It was Christmas in my parents basement with fat handled(special editions). Didn't have a second 24 kg and didn't have the will to do a second set with 2 32kgs so I did snatch with 24 37/37 which was the desired goal. Active recovery. In 3 minutes(22 rpm) and 30 seconds.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays

Spend the time with the friends and family!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Fighter

Great Story. Anyone care to agree or disagree? I know I know its not kettlebells. But damn good film in my opinion.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

In Person Training Sessions for Competitive Kettlebell People

More to come. But until that time, I'm reading about and seeing a lot of people who get stuck after Rank II whether its Rank I, CMS, or even MS.

Trudging my way through personally I can relate to being stuck and want to emphasize that these sessions are designed to be brief (4 sessions being the max) because if not, then I don't do my job getting the important points across. I myself am not done achieving but can impart some of the pitfalls you can avoid with proper technique and progression to bells heavier than 24 kgs for example.

Important Note:

Achieving Rank alone is not a justification for consistent training with a higher weight. When I make Rank II I don't just start using 24 kgs everyday. A lot of guys out there do well and then hit a wall. I know what you're going through and if not I have some of an idea. I can help you avoid walls and stalls. You will achieve your goals.

There are 3 options at the bottom of the page. There is a single one time option, two time option and 4 time option. Lets get going. Have a plesant day.

Feedback about the chalk and some tips

Hey everyone. Like I said it really was a broad question in the first place so no wrong answer. I was taking mental notes on some of the responses.

The need to have dryness between the hand and the handle surface changes with Factors like:

exercise, duration and the weight.

Someone mentioned not using chalk which I liked but keeping the hands dry.

One thing I do is make sure my hands are dry.


I watch people chalk their hands at a competition without really chalking them. What you need to know, is that you want to anti moisturize your hands and wrists all over, in between your fingers, the backs of your fingers over the fingernails, your palms, the inside of your wrists to the point where the chalk is sunk in completely. The bells "feel" different chalked or not as long as your hands are very dry.

Back to chalking the bells:

Criterion for chalk use are:

5 minutes or more for long cycle(64 kg) and snatch with a 32 kg.

With 24 kgs snatch/48 kg longcyle about 6 minutes or more.

28 kgs 5 minutes or more like with 32 kgs on snatch/longcycle(56 kg).

With jerks, techncially you don't need it in a life and death scenario but I prefer 7minutes or more unless I'm trying for a PR, then chalk could be used anytime. Someone else mentioned that the chalk stays on after a few sessions. Yes it does:) Thanks for your weigh ins.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ok lets have a poll

Chalking bells:

Theres no wrong answer here which means no right answer either :) But it gets you to think.

For me and for initial set that I consider the hardest I chalk the bells. If I pick a day when I lift then 24 kgs and yes I do work less then 24 kgs sometimes, I typically don't use it if I'm working less then a certain time;). Give me your answers!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Master versus Jack of all trades: CC follow on

Which is better is anybody's guess.

Kettlebells are arguably a survival tool. Maybe not the all encompassing tool but a simple way to prepare for survival. I watched GI Jane the other day(I really like the movie). And I think people think that "bad ass" comes from doing a lot of different things successfully(training in the movie). I can come to grips with that.

So are these people who went through the program jacks of all trades? I say no way. I say they are high level survivers ha ha. They have to have fair strength, mental toughness and a lot of endurance(physical and mental). Sound familiar? Sure they use different activities to approach this. Kettlebell Sport is all about survival. Its high level survival with 2 32kgs crashing down on you for 10 minutes or hanging onto 70 lbs with multi G's for double and triple digits.

Are there specific ways to help with the physical tests in the movie that are not kettlebell? Sure, but the tests are there to get people in shape to do the job and be able to focus even if not at 100%(under duress like in kettlebells).

Training people who want to succeed

So why did I write this? Lately, I've been talking to people who want to focus on kettlebell sport and and add all of this "conditioning" work.

Its why I posted the CC training blog a few posts back. Since I don't do this for a living I don't need repeated customers. Thus, I want you to succeed to the point where you can write your own ticket. I don't care who you are.

When you're ready to train let me know. We can cut out the bs and get to work. If price is an issue maybe we can negotiate through email at . But if we work together I can guarantee results and work with your specific strengths and weaknesses.


KettleBell Lifter

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The shoulder dislocation status

I have mixed opinions about heavy unilateral lifting. For my strength level and the attempt I did in Las Vegas I made the mistake of attempting it and in hindsight all reasons pointed to not attempting the 60 kg one arm jerk.

Properly warmed up and fresh its a different story. As for ligament damage I am told based on the strength from all accounts, I have none. I am lucky and learned a lot for the experience. I learn about simple terms such as: external rotation and internal rotation from my physical therapist not to mention how to heal properly.

I use the 32 kgs twice a week and do multiple sets(lighter then 32 kg on second set) in addition to the physical therapy exercises. Long Cycle is coming up and I'm motivated to be consistent until any competition that I read about. I would have done the Michigan but its too close in terms of time. Time to get to work. Thanks for reading.

Kettlebell Lifter

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Service: CC for Competitive Lifters

CC (Correspondence Coaching)

8 week block course (99 per week). After Christmas Holiday I'll go with 119 per week.

The way I look at it is like this. You get what you pay for. It will be tough and painful and full of progress with no bs and the good news its only 8 weeks.

I'm not looking to coach a 1000 people necessarily but rather coach those few who are very serious about consistent training. This includes Internet and phone consultation. My time is your time even though I also have to train.

From Kettlebell lifter to Kettlebell lifter I want you to make progress in the best possible way that I can and you will.

What that translates to...once complete you will have the necessary building blocks to continue to progress without me.

If you decide to come back to tweak things then we can do the same price on case by case. ( 1 week at a time)

If I have to help you for more then 6 months about program then that's a disservice to you unlike a lot of services.

The BLUF( Bottom Line Up Front) is results. Consider this a one time cost that will continue to reap benefits in your ability to lift.

Service includes

- Technical proficiency to finest detail tailored(body type) specific from lifter to


- Program tailored specific to each lifter

- Understanding Fundamentals(bio mechanics, lifting principles)

- How to properly chalk a bell

- Breathing Technique

- Visualization drills for each training session

If you have any questions about any of this I highly recommend emailing me at

Thanks and have a great month.