Sunday, November 8, 2009

Las Vegas

Many words could be used to describe the weekend: fast, stressful, rewarding, grueling, illuminating etc. The Ice Chamber if I am correct produced its first Master of Sport Jessica DeBiase. (Spelling?). Congratulations on the longcycle. Now its time for Biathlon.

As for me I repeated the same performance in Chicago by the numbers. Thats another story entirely.

I hadn't had stable training I felt.

Surya missed by but a few. I know what thats like. :) Train more and get higher numbers in the gym.

Cate Imes didn't compete but I know she will get to it sooner then later.

One of my newer students and local resident Lisa Balash competed and came close to CMS.

ITs a good experience that she will learn from. One of the take aways from competition is that like any thing else, performance takes experience and ultimately patience. Performance also requires a realization that 90-95% of a PR is the likelihood in a competition. This occurs more commonly at the Master of Sport and beyond level.

Chris D is closing in on Rank I. I know he will it get soon.

Congratulations to Eric St. Onge, the first Canadian to achieve Candidate Master of Sport if I'm correct.

Congratulations to Australia and Ukraine for producing a CMS and MS respectively under the World Kettlebell Club ranking.

Congratulations Lorna K for achieving national records.

Thanks to Moses, and many others who helped with the set up/tear down(I thank myself for that too) and the AKC for putting it on.

It almost seems that an MS or several will be produced a for national and international competitions to come.

Great effort from everyone in attendance and achieving your respective ranks. Its a stepping stone to the next level.

I look forward to Atlanta Dec 5th.