Thursday, December 30, 2010

Train for life.

I know its not New Years yet!

For the first session, I will offer a complimentary session.

But I need your help, I need you to tell me your goals and where you are in your progress even if you are NOT interested in GS.

You have nothing to lose with a free session.

Happy New Year!

email me for more details.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Training Christmas Day

2 32 kg long cycle

7,6,6,6,6,6 = 5:55. In unideal conditions. It was Christmas in my parents basement with fat handled(special editions). Didn't have a second 24 kg and didn't have the will to do a second set with 2 32kgs so I did snatch with 24 37/37 which was the desired goal. Active recovery. In 3 minutes(22 rpm) and 30 seconds.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays

Spend the time with the friends and family!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Fighter

Great Story. Anyone care to agree or disagree? I know I know its not kettlebells. But damn good film in my opinion.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

In Person Training Sessions for Competitive Kettlebell People

More to come. But until that time, I'm reading about and seeing a lot of people who get stuck after Rank II whether its Rank I, CMS, or even MS.

Trudging my way through personally I can relate to being stuck and want to emphasize that these sessions are designed to be brief (4 sessions being the max) because if not, then I don't do my job getting the important points across. I myself am not done achieving but can impart some of the pitfalls you can avoid with proper technique and progression to bells heavier than 24 kgs for example.

Important Note:

Achieving Rank alone is not a justification for consistent training with a higher weight. When I make Rank II I don't just start using 24 kgs everyday. A lot of guys out there do well and then hit a wall. I know what you're going through and if not I have some of an idea. I can help you avoid walls and stalls. You will achieve your goals.

There are 3 options at the bottom of the page. There is a single one time option, two time option and 4 time option. Lets get going. Have a plesant day.

Feedback about the chalk and some tips

Hey everyone. Like I said it really was a broad question in the first place so no wrong answer. I was taking mental notes on some of the responses.

The need to have dryness between the hand and the handle surface changes with Factors like:

exercise, duration and the weight.

Someone mentioned not using chalk which I liked but keeping the hands dry.

One thing I do is make sure my hands are dry.


I watch people chalk their hands at a competition without really chalking them. What you need to know, is that you want to anti moisturize your hands and wrists all over, in between your fingers, the backs of your fingers over the fingernails, your palms, the inside of your wrists to the point where the chalk is sunk in completely. The bells "feel" different chalked or not as long as your hands are very dry.

Back to chalking the bells:

Criterion for chalk use are:

5 minutes or more for long cycle(64 kg) and snatch with a 32 kg.

With 24 kgs snatch/48 kg longcyle about 6 minutes or more.

28 kgs 5 minutes or more like with 32 kgs on snatch/longcycle(56 kg).

With jerks, techncially you don't need it in a life and death scenario but I prefer 7minutes or more unless I'm trying for a PR, then chalk could be used anytime. Someone else mentioned that the chalk stays on after a few sessions. Yes it does:) Thanks for your weigh ins.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ok lets have a poll

Chalking bells:

Theres no wrong answer here which means no right answer either :) But it gets you to think.

For me and for initial set that I consider the hardest I chalk the bells. If I pick a day when I lift then 24 kgs and yes I do work less then 24 kgs sometimes, I typically don't use it if I'm working less then a certain time;). Give me your answers!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Master versus Jack of all trades: CC follow on

Which is better is anybody's guess.

Kettlebells are arguably a survival tool. Maybe not the all encompassing tool but a simple way to prepare for survival. I watched GI Jane the other day(I really like the movie). And I think people think that "bad ass" comes from doing a lot of different things successfully(training in the movie). I can come to grips with that.

So are these people who went through the program jacks of all trades? I say no way. I say they are high level survivers ha ha. They have to have fair strength, mental toughness and a lot of endurance(physical and mental). Sound familiar? Sure they use different activities to approach this. Kettlebell Sport is all about survival. Its high level survival with 2 32kgs crashing down on you for 10 minutes or hanging onto 70 lbs with multi G's for double and triple digits.

Are there specific ways to help with the physical tests in the movie that are not kettlebell? Sure, but the tests are there to get people in shape to do the job and be able to focus even if not at 100%(under duress like in kettlebells).

Training people who want to succeed

So why did I write this? Lately, I've been talking to people who want to focus on kettlebell sport and and add all of this "conditioning" work.

Its why I posted the CC training blog a few posts back. Since I don't do this for a living I don't need repeated customers. Thus, I want you to succeed to the point where you can write your own ticket. I don't care who you are.

When you're ready to train let me know. We can cut out the bs and get to work. If price is an issue maybe we can negotiate through email at . But if we work together I can guarantee results and work with your specific strengths and weaknesses.


KettleBell Lifter

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The shoulder dislocation status

I have mixed opinions about heavy unilateral lifting. For my strength level and the attempt I did in Las Vegas I made the mistake of attempting it and in hindsight all reasons pointed to not attempting the 60 kg one arm jerk.

Properly warmed up and fresh its a different story. As for ligament damage I am told based on the strength from all accounts, I have none. I am lucky and learned a lot for the experience. I learn about simple terms such as: external rotation and internal rotation from my physical therapist not to mention how to heal properly.

I use the 32 kgs twice a week and do multiple sets(lighter then 32 kg on second set) in addition to the physical therapy exercises. Long Cycle is coming up and I'm motivated to be consistent until any competition that I read about. I would have done the Michigan but its too close in terms of time. Time to get to work. Thanks for reading.

Kettlebell Lifter

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Service: CC for Competitive Lifters

CC (Correspondence Coaching)

8 week block course (99 per week). After Christmas Holiday I'll go with 119 per week.

The way I look at it is like this. You get what you pay for. It will be tough and painful and full of progress with no bs and the good news its only 8 weeks.

I'm not looking to coach a 1000 people necessarily but rather coach those few who are very serious about consistent training. This includes Internet and phone consultation. My time is your time even though I also have to train.

From Kettlebell lifter to Kettlebell lifter I want you to make progress in the best possible way that I can and you will.

What that translates to...once complete you will have the necessary building blocks to continue to progress without me.

If you decide to come back to tweak things then we can do the same price on case by case. ( 1 week at a time)

If I have to help you for more then 6 months about program then that's a disservice to you unlike a lot of services.

The BLUF( Bottom Line Up Front) is results. Consider this a one time cost that will continue to reap benefits in your ability to lift.

Service includes

- Technical proficiency to finest detail tailored(body type) specific from lifter to


- Program tailored specific to each lifter

- Understanding Fundamentals(bio mechanics, lifting principles)

- How to properly chalk a bell

- Breathing Technique

- Visualization drills for each training session

If you have any questions about any of this I highly recommend emailing me at

Thanks and have a great month.


Monday, November 29, 2010

"Hard Work" and Dealing with Obstacles

Dealing with Obstacles

The challenges are two fold: developing skill and building work capacity/mental work capacity. They mutually help immensely.


When you try to progress you approach a new ball game. This occurs every time you go up in the weights you use. The game is simple, but its not:D

How you progress and learn builds confidence. But that confidence all changes when you pick up the new weight.

Misery and Suffering

My misery is unique to most people in that I didn't have small stepping stones or someone giving me advice during my training sessions on a regular basis. I trained alone almost all the time. Not complaining.

However, there were advantages I had that most people don't have. For example, I started sooner and got a foothold on how this game is played. You have to know that with progress comes a base: a rep base in this case.

When you build beyond a certain rep range, you know you can pick up the weight anytime and do something impressive. For me, it was 2 24 kgs before I had any guidance. I could do 90 jerks with 48kg (2 bells). When I started, I could only do 12 reps. That's quite an achievement by anyones account but in the grander picture and kettlebell in the US today it is consider ok at best.

The Reality

You have to realize that putting yourself in relative agony will help you to get results. I have also sustained minor injuries in the grand scheme of things but even that can be avoided. So be careful. Take it from me, I know how to avoid pitfalls and prevent/recover from them because I've been there. I don't know many Kettlebell Champions that could not do one rep for years with their respective competition weight. I'm just that weak I guess. My the point is, it doesn't matter where you start. But use all the stepping stones at hand. Don't try to do leaps and bounds when upping the weight.

The problem with small increments of progression is, you can develop a false sense of confidence with smaller weights thinking that it will translate to bigger weights. My advantage is that I knew that it was tough early on because I had to go from 2 24 kg to 2 32 kg.

90 jerks with 2 24 kg bells translated to 8 jerks with 2 32kg. There were greats in the US doing 60+ reps at the time with 2 32kgs. Overwhelming of course.

Before training ask yourself...

Are you doing perfect technique? Are you applying mental fortitude in the face of challenge? These are questions you have to ask yourself before picking up a kettlebell. There are 100s of experts I've talked to that made statements of "becoming Master of Sport" who quit after a week.

Personally, I wanted to quit the second day of training so I felt their pain and more so then they know because of the continuing of the training. They quit because they didn't ask the question, "do I want to train?" before starting.

Dealing with Frustration...

I attempted and failed at Master of Sport by single digits almost a dozen times. I guess I was just fooling around. I wasn't foolin around, that's in your mind. Ha ha

Part of that was a full work schedule and traveling every other weekend to somehow perform and teach all weekend, get home late and somehow do it all over again.

I'll quote searching for Bobby Fischer when the kid asks "how many points is the move worth?" and the teacher says, "do it for its own sake, do it for the love of the game." I loved the game, loved the progress so my misses were setbacks, not failures.

And though the reps were the same, I had failed for different reasons and was at the same time building my mental toughness as well as physical. To train every day dreading the set in the gym when tired and hungry after work is something that most of us deal with. Hard work: it is such an interesting phrase because its all perception based. "Hard" work is all relative in the game of kettlebell sport. You either work or you don't. Its about how much work you do and and with what weight?

When you become good at this with less then optimal technique, it will be much harder. You have the advantage over me by learning the best way that you can upfront.

I've refined my technique and will continue to but have a come long way even since making Master of Sport. That's the beauty, good technique refinement never ends. It ultimately helps you achieve more reps = stronger lifter everytime.

And the program is so simple that the super secrets that exist are not secrets, but the same thing with an emphasis on a very small part of the message: Train smart and train often.

Marty Farrell

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kettlebell Training Camps

For those interested in becoming better lifters, I'm starting up training camps. Stay tuned for more details.

Marty Farrell

Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Kettlebells used as a tool" and Jillian M.

That seems to be the "whatever" in any argument with a kettlebell.

People like to get wrapped around the axle being kettlebell experts and whatnot.

There are thousands if not 10s of thousands of "World Class" Trainers out there with Kettlebell licenses and "certification authority". to sift through who is and who is not really not my job. I do fix a lot of biomechanics of people who make blanket statements about power. I'm an engineer. I know physics. If you move a weight from point A to point B you've demonstrated power. If you mvoe a heaver weight in the same ballistic manner at the same time you generate more power.

Getting side tracked but back to "Kettlebell Expertise"

Popular Kettlebells

So when they bash Jillian Michaels I scratch my head. Not because I'm defending her. I think for the most part she is fame with a kettlebell in her hand. Same concept as a celebrity trainer. From a far away obvservation I see image and marketing, but I could be wrong. But whats to say she can't learn a better way.

Can't fault her for not knowing.

She is in the rat race of trying to sell herself as an "expert" and a lot of the hate comes from other rats ha ha.


I try not to get wrapped up in the Dogma of Kettlebell Sport but there are glaring truths that occur. A for instance is that, no kettlebell person on earth can outlift a competitor on a world class level without specific training. That means the lifts in the competition and for high reps and or time. I had a discussion about Lance Armstrong to try Kettlebell Sport. He would not win world championships. Its possible? Yes. Probable Not at all. Knowing how to get there is not enough even with a background. Thats like saying he could win a marathon if he "really" trained for it. I'm high and mighty with my observations yes??? :D

Back to Fitness

From a fitness perspective, I think you get really fit really quick over any other Kettlebell ballistic routine simply because of the potential to move weight with the strongest movement the body can exude ballistically(jerk) for continuous repetitions. I can only base that on my training.

I see people get whipped in the gym(that has Comp bells) on 16 kg snatches for 5 sets of 5, the presrcibed "hardcore" workout. I'm confused.

Maybe there is a routine out there that can make me do better results for conditioning (loose term in general) but who cares.

My favorite is when I get asked what it is I do and when I explain what it is the response is usually, "well I do this, or I do that." I to this day don't know why that response occurs or where it comes from.

Fitness Benefits to KB Sport

The pacing aspect and lasting is pysiological and mental.

The argument of reps versus time is a moot argument. Enough reps equate to time. Enough time equates to reps. These people who argue don't train.

I'm training lc and up to 2 24 kgs now. My shoulder is recovering quickly because I'm doing all the right things. Just have to be careful. I also think without specific training that the risk is much higher(obviously) for heavy OAJ. I'm sticking to two kettlebells of equal weight. It works for me. No more OAJ sport.

What works for you?

Sunday, October 31, 2010


The competition is less then 5 training sessions away. Today is a day off. I had been in FL to check out the event at Key West. While Key West was a beautiful place, I wasn't into the events that surrounded it. It had a New Orleans vibe to it and not conducive to training. I didn't really drink but trained everyday hard.

I'm curious how Las Vegas will go and thats a good feeling to have, its a sign of training. Without getting into specifics, I have a min and max goal. I will train tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday and maybe Thursday. Monday and Tuesday will be hard training days. Wednesday will be easier and Thursday easier still.

Also, mid Nov I will have my second and final surgical procedure to align my jaw. Months later(by the Arnold) I will be normal(braces off). It will set me back temporarily but I'm the best kettlebell lifter now then ever before and I feel that I will continue to improve and achieve high level MS(MSIC or MSWC).

The cool part is that I have students who will be closing in MS (both male and female) at the Arnold and where-ever else. Its foreshadowing.


Friday, October 22, 2010


I have students that workout with me in the DC area. I admit that I have little time(once per week) for a beginner and will have to start charging appropriately. This is more for people who train hard and consistently with decent technique. I will help you improve.

For those of you who follow my blog, I appreciate it! Those who are the top lifters in the country, I will contact you about training. I think the best here should get together and truly be a team. The trick is time and place. For those of you I don't contact who are interested contact me.

This is training for competition for things that people have trouble with:


Chalking the bell Saving the hands
Maintaining the hands Chalking the hands
Warming up Surviving 10 minutes with snatch(I have done it though not recently even though it was a PR)
-- resting overhead
-- figuring out to lock the finger during the descent of the bell
-- using BOTH legs and back to decelerate/accelerate properly on the back swing

I don't expect a huge turnout and frankly don't want it. Just people who are serious and ready to suffer a little but for results.

The frequency for the training in a group will probably occur once per month and the location will vary. Consider DC as one of the locations and the other Dayton Ohio Area. If there is a cost it will be considerably less for someone who can rank with 24 kg or better.

Good luck to all of you in Vegas. For those of you going to Vegas, I look forward to seeing the people I know again and meeting new people.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Las Vegas Competition: Reviving my blog

I won't say out right what my numbers simply because I'm making gains and unstable at this point, but in a good way. Its exciting to know that I have a few students that are doing quite well. But only a few;) There is simply no time to juggle training, coaching and working :D

I admit it is easier in some ways to coach someone who is motivated and in that regard I have respect for trainers. Its very very difficult work.

But back to Las Vegas, I've been away from the platform for far too long.

I'm 77 kg right now eating whatever I want. That is slowly changing, cutting out sweet drinks, alcohol and other things that I consider useless when trying to jerk 85% bodweight for 80 reps. The added weight made a huge difference though not right away.

Here are some examples:

Snatching the 40 kg for 78 reps
Pressed the 40 kg on the right
Pressed the 36 kg on the left.

Damn near jerked 2 48 kg bells
Jerked 2 40kgs for 30 reps

Thats about it. But getting to this bodyweight had taken far too long.

Time to commence training


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Training with Kettlebelllifter for motivated athletes

Send an email at for details about location and payment.

Spend a day with the first Master of Sport in both lifts and best pound for pound US lifter.

Learn his methods of training from start to finish and the specifics of how to chalk a kettlebell with or without water.

Learn how to warm up the back, legs and lungs, shoulder with mobility drills that he practices.

Learn how stretch the areas worked.

Learn about how to have mental edge when preparing for competition.

Learn the detail to the finest point as he explains technique per individual based on body type.

Learn about nutrition and supplements he uses for wellness and performance enhancement. (note the previous blog about resting heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol.

You will understand what he does and how he does it.

The price is 119.00 for the day, That includes warm up, training, stretching, wellness topics and philosophy of competition.
A package for 4 sessions is 299.00. Each session will be 4 hours or more depending on the amount of sign ups. Also, the availability will be Saturday and Sunday as a contingency.

If people are out of town, I can accommodate up to 2 people at my residence on a first come first serve basis.

Remember, this is an in person training session which has more value then any other method. Bring a notebook and a willingness to learn and an understanding that you will improve.

If you decide to take the package you will be measured on your improvement and have homework:)
I look forward to working with you.

Kettlebell Lifter

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I appreciate the athletics in their given field. Lately MMA has increased popularity in no small part to the efforts and success of Dana White. He put it on the map.

I recognize kettlebells as a worthy sport not because I do it personally (though many would disagree) but because of the aspect that you have to train for it and train significantly and apply as many helpful conditions as possible.

My Powerlifting friend who totalled ELITE in 148, 165 and 181 said that "I like kettlebell sport because if you are a runner, you get your ass kicked, if you are a Cross Fitter, you get your ass kicked, if you are a powerlifter, you get your ass kicked."

It is not on the map yet but it has a history of over half a century as Russia's military sport.

The formula for what I consider high level in any sport is good coaching, hard work and consistency to achieve mastery. Terms like well rounded and "elite" fitness by its very definition are oxymorons aka contradictions of words. I ask fitness for what? If we talk about health and wellness I think risk management. Risk of injury, heart, cancer etc.

My resting heart rate is 39 when I don't read posts on the bad forum;) They are examples of those who want the secret formula for ultimate bad A#$.

This may be a downer but the basic formula for success doesn't change. Just find that "something" and focus on it. Key is focus. Not changing your routine from one week to the next. I will have more to follow.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Make it Happen

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting "Make it Happen" Fitness Center in St. Catharines Ontario Canada to see what it is all about. Jennifer Hintenberger, who I met at the AKC certification is the owner/operator of Make it Happen. She had a 1 year anniversary to celebrate the beginning of her club. Before her class with her students, I had an opportunity to to do a kettlebell workout there. I did one set of jerks and one set of snatches due to the fact that I had mono the last month. If I were healthy I still would have broken a sweat doing the workout she did and had been pretty tired. There were battling ropes, Sledgehammers, two handed swings with a 32 kg and body weight drills. The rep range was somewhat high(100 swings) which with a 32 kg is impressive. She uses all of these things in addition to training for Kettlebell sport.

When I met Jennifer in Cincinnati 5 months prior she looked shaky for a few overhead reps with 16 kg. Just recently she did 70+ reps long cycle each hand for CMS at her very first Kettlebell meet. This is a testament to training with Cate Imes but more so with Jen's work ethic then anything else. It wasn't Kettlebell specific necessarily, but I could see the amount of work she performed during her training session. Her students were no less impressive. Holy crap, some of them could swing a 32 kg to overhead in a bottoms up position and do 100 swings with it. Crazy.

The workout that she gave her students was non stop for at least an hour and these women used a 32 kg bell most of
the time. I know Jen mentioned about forming a team for Las Vegas which I think will
produce MS athletes in a short amount of time. Based on what I saw with her training and workouts, she is MS level unofficially. It is hard to say at this point but she exceeded her requirement in New York fairly easy. Make no mistake to the other females out there, Jen and her students will be contenders.

I have to say that on a lighter note I had a lot of fun. They play as hard as they work and had a get together at the studio to celebrate the 1 year anniversary. As a Kettlebell Lifter and as a man :) I must say that it was something to see girls wearing heels handling the 32 kg. It was confusing but I'm not complaining:)

Look for the Make it Happen team in Las Vegas. More to follow.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Arnold Classic Media

Too bad I couldn't get a vid with the biathlon performance. I wanted to eval it.

Here is the video for S-44 Strongman. Well part of it. I think AKC has the whole thing though

There are few things about the jerk that I'm realizing as I try to jerk heavier. the speed of the bell doesn't change due to the nature of the exercise(use of the legs).

I'll pst some vids of heavier kettlebell in a day or so.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Girl Power Introduction


"Marty Farrell paid a visit to the IC last weekend. For those who don’t know, Marty is one the most unassuming elite athletes in the world. He is the only male American born Master of Sport in Kettlebell Lifting and also, pound-for-pound, the strongest kettlebell lifter in the country. At 70kg, Marty regularly lifts high-rep sets at over 90% of his body weight (as demonstrated in this video). He competes against guys twice his size. The technical precision of his movements as well as his work capacity make his sets exciting to watch. "

Ice Chamber

This is before Scott Helsley made it:)
When you train for kettlebell competitions with your top athletes, what kind of supplemental training do you introduce to your athletes?

Ice Chamber
When preparing for competitions, the Ice Chamber Kettlebell Girls primarily focus on the specific events involved in the meet. In other words, if they compete in the Biathlon, we train Jerks and Snatches; if they do the Long Cycle, we train Cleans and Jerks. We tend to keep things very simple and follow a stringent protocol. We're not very creative or inventive because this protocol works, as you know personally, so we've just stuck with it. We follow what has worked for Valery; and so far it has worked for us. As far as supplemental training goes, we run, cycle, and do a variety of flexibility work.

Is there any specific diet that you follow on a consistent basis?

Ice Chamber
We do not follow any specific diets other than to eat good proteins, fats, and to keep the bad carbs down to a minimum. This is pre-competition, of course. Post-competition we eat anything we want to ;-)

What kind of athletes do you train and do you use kettlebells as a supplement?

Ice Chamber
We train some high level athletes in a wide range of sports including Judo, BJJ, ski racing, triathlons, rowing, cycling (both road and off road), and of course kettlebell lifting. We do use kettlebells as supplemental training for all the athletes in these categories as a way to improve their work capacity. We found that the kettlebell is an indispensable training apparatus for competitive athletes. One of the most beneficial thing about kettlebell lifting, in my opinion, is the ability to train different energy systems without changing the tool. For example, the phosphagen system can be taxed by doing 10 reps of heavy one arm jerks while the aerobic system can be developed with a 20 minute timed set of relatively light snatches. I haven't found another tool in which this type of implementation process is possible. The kettlebell is unique in this regard.

Is there a favorite kettlebell exercise that you prefer?

Ice Chamber
I like the Snatch. It is easy to learn at first, but quite difficult to master. There is little room for technical error. Unlike the Jerk, where you have a rack position to reset, the Snatch in unforgiving in that once you start, there is no turning back. It's like a fast pace chess game. It is highly technical, and you can lose very quickly if you make one wrong move.

Is there a trend with effects of kettlebell training or does it differ from person to person? For example, does a marathon runner provide the same feedback as a strength athlete when introduced to kettlebells?

Ice Chamber
There seems to be a trend with kettlebell lifting in the areas of core strength, endurance, and coordination. Regardless of the athlete, the carryovers from kettlebell lifting have been consistent in our experience. There is no doubt that lifting kettlebells has helped our athletes develop a strong torso, better work capacity, and keen proprioceptive awareness. Most of our athletes have a great understanding of their physical abilities and limitations, but the effects of kettlebell training have helped them enhance an unexpected dimension of performance - mental fortitude. Working timed sets without the opportunity to perform multiple hand switches helps them develop a certain calm under stress. This aspect of performance training is invaluable.

Thanks Ice Chamber!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Professional perspective of competition

WKC has posted a strongman competition for the Arnold. I'm training for the Arnold and would like to do the traditional competition with 2 32kgs. It really isn't that heavy. I've tried 40 kgs before. That was heavy for me. But its all about context.

I like the idea of heavy kettlebells competition, particularly for 48 kgs.

In a year 2 48 kgs will go up. Why not. Even that is not heavy in the overall context of strength sports. For reps (30 or more), it is world class no doubt but I've seen videos of world champion olympic weight lifters. They are interesting to watch. Not unlike kettlebells, a lot of skill is required for impressive results. While power output per rep is different, the training volume of overall tonnage is similar.

Technique and work ethic are paramount. For the new years resolution I will have a service to offer to bring athletes together for a clinic. This purpose is to work out primarily but also fix problem areas. Since I've fixed mine, I can offer personal experience and also review how to prepare for competitions or ultimately performances. Since 2007 I've traveled every month and ate food that had been inconsistent, slept in different conditions and somehow tried to improve my performance while having additional objectives, such as instruction during a certification. Since this is a lengthy topic, and requires two way communication, it will behoove one to be honest with one self to compete like they train. Too often competition becomes a social event. Thats good! Its all about timing though. If I show up and socialize, I lose focus on what I'm supposed to be doing. I remember when I made Rank I and CMS, that this wasn't an issue. That means that I didn't understand what it (performing better) meant.

When you get to a professional level and it is up to you to decide when that is, you need to show up to the competition with one clear focus. Valery told me not to "have fun" the day before and from countless experiences it took I understand why.

Going back to my earlier sentiment, it's good to have fun, hence an awards ceremony after the competition and maybe a dinner.

In Miami FL, Denisov, Ivanko, who lifted 150 jerks showed up maybe an hour before the competition. He didn't stand around hang out and talk to people. He treated it like training. When I trained for Latvia, I spent 1000 hours in the gym in the last year, I went out before the competition and showed up socializing and did 31 Jerks and 7 minutes. I shot my foot off.

You are probably thinking that the word Primadonna comes to mind, but its again about context. When you invest in something, in this case training, you want to cash in all the hard work of 1000 hours and you get only 10 minutes to do it.

Stay Tuned. I will advertise sport training camp in a week. It is two days of hard work and personal instruction. We will also go over competition prep on the down time at a dinner after the training camp. The reason, I want t a dinner is to remind you that when its time to train, its time to work, when its time to have a good time, thats ok and recommended! The time, place and cost are TBD.


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