Sunday, October 31, 2010


The competition is less then 5 training sessions away. Today is a day off. I had been in FL to check out the event at Key West. While Key West was a beautiful place, I wasn't into the events that surrounded it. It had a New Orleans vibe to it and not conducive to training. I didn't really drink but trained everyday hard.

I'm curious how Las Vegas will go and thats a good feeling to have, its a sign of training. Without getting into specifics, I have a min and max goal. I will train tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday and maybe Thursday. Monday and Tuesday will be hard training days. Wednesday will be easier and Thursday easier still.

Also, mid Nov I will have my second and final surgical procedure to align my jaw. Months later(by the Arnold) I will be normal(braces off). It will set me back temporarily but I'm the best kettlebell lifter now then ever before and I feel that I will continue to improve and achieve high level MS(MSIC or MSWC).

The cool part is that I have students who will be closing in MS (both male and female) at the Arnold and where-ever else. Its foreshadowing.


Friday, October 22, 2010


I have students that workout with me in the DC area. I admit that I have little time(once per week) for a beginner and will have to start charging appropriately. This is more for people who train hard and consistently with decent technique. I will help you improve.

For those of you who follow my blog, I appreciate it! Those who are the top lifters in the country, I will contact you about training. I think the best here should get together and truly be a team. The trick is time and place. For those of you I don't contact who are interested contact me.

This is training for competition for things that people have trouble with:


Chalking the bell Saving the hands
Maintaining the hands Chalking the hands
Warming up Surviving 10 minutes with snatch(I have done it though not recently even though it was a PR)
-- resting overhead
-- figuring out to lock the finger during the descent of the bell
-- using BOTH legs and back to decelerate/accelerate properly on the back swing

I don't expect a huge turnout and frankly don't want it. Just people who are serious and ready to suffer a little but for results.

The frequency for the training in a group will probably occur once per month and the location will vary. Consider DC as one of the locations and the other Dayton Ohio Area. If there is a cost it will be considerably less for someone who can rank with 24 kg or better.

Good luck to all of you in Vegas. For those of you going to Vegas, I look forward to seeing the people I know again and meeting new people.