Thursday, May 14, 2009

Certification June 27th

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Location OuterBanks, North Carolina

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Air Force Competition!

Get ready!

The registration is nothing but the requirement is military. (Air Force). There will be a competition in November between all services!

Jun 13th on a saturday at 0900. Weigh in is 0830.

Event Listing

Choices are as follows:


Bitathlon(32kg, or 28kg or 24 kg or 16 kg or 12 kg))
Longcycle (32kg or 28 kg or 24 kg or 16 kg or 12 kg)
One Armed Longcycle(24 or 32 kg or 40 kg)


Biathlon (8kg or 12kg or 16 kg or 20 kg)

ONe armed Longcycle (8 kg or 12 kg or 16 kg or 20 kg or 24 kg).

email me at for your event by Jun 1st or sooner.

Here is a link with regard to the Ice Chamber and competition Ice Chamber Competitors