Friday, November 23, 2012

Kettlebell Regionals is coming up in February 9th. I plan on running a meet with relays! Relays will consist of three lifters... Check out the whole deal! Events are Biathlon 1 arm and two arm Long Cycle 1 arm and two arm Jerk Only 1 arm and two arm Snatch Only 1 arm and two arm Relay teams 1 or 2 bell jerk 2 minutes per person for teams of 3. The bell choice will be the same as what the competitor used for competition lifting. If the relay is the only event then it will be what the competitor chooses. 1 bell is 1 point and 2 bells are 2 points. There are advantages for both ways... Men use 12 kg, 16 kg or 24 kg. Women us 8kg , 12 kg , or 16 kg. This meet is in preparation for a bigger meet. The idea is to build confidence with lighter bells. Think of this meet as a "qualifier" for nationals unofficial! Registration for one lift is 30 USD
Registration for two or more lifts is 50 USD
Relay only is 20 USD or free if registered for single or multiple lifts.
Its special that way;) Weigh ins are both friday 6-8 pm and 7:30 am - 8:30 am feb 8th and 9th respectively at the World Gym in Fairfax, VA. Rules for judges will be 8:30-8:45 am Rules for competitors will be at 8:45-9:00 am The seminar on February 10th is as follows: It has: Kettlebell Seminar Februrary 10th World Gym Fairfax 9 am - 3 pm Warm Up: Shoulders Wrists Hands Upper Back Lower Back Hips Hamstrings Quadriceps IT Bands Calves Exercises Swing Clean Snatch Press Push Press Jerk Double Press Double Push Press Double Jerk Price: 200 USD Duration: 6 hours Comp Registrants for comp get a discount rate of 175 USD
We have 45 of 50 open spots at the moment. email me at for questions.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mountains and EGO. "Victory has defeated you" as quoted by Bane from the Dark Knight rises is a common theme, in that we deceive ourselves that we are "on the right path" because we are "successful". Being successful is often confused with “right” or “wrong”, a condition we put on ourselves. Reality is, success is multi-level and varied from one person to the next. There are several avenues to get to high level in kettlebells. I’m living it. The application of knowledge is otherwise known as wisdom. There are a lot of knowledgeable people who are unwise. This is why I like kettlebells, it boils down to who did more reps. For example, I gained and gained and made Master of Sport. I was successful and Victory has defeated me. My best performance in biathlon was trumped by a dislocated shoulder, wrought of my ego to “try it”. To get to next level I needed to climb back down the mountain. To do that is to rid the ego. Oh how clever it is and always seems to have the right answer. To listen to people who were not as good as me in kettlebells and understand the limitations that I had specifically was the answer because they saw things/nuances I need to correct. I was lost “sometimes we have to lose our mind before we can come to our senses” as quoted by the best-selling author the Peaceful warrior. For me specifically, this alludes to active recovery and mobility. This is something lately that has become a staple in training. Not to be confused with, "I walked 1 mile up every mountain in the world, I'm well rounded. " I'm a jack of all trades.” This implies that mastery is a niche and “Jack of all trades” is well rounded. That's true in the short term. In the long term, the formula to true mastery can be applied to any discipline. It just takes focus in that direction and will power. A Jack of all trades doesn’t even exist. It is a made up term to deceive. Everyone has the potential for Mastery in something. Back to the mountain analogy, this is what bakes the noodle. Only the guy on top of Cloud's Rest (9900 feet) can see how much further to Everest (29 K feet) he would have to go. Those that traverse 500 feet or on the ground see them as both high level and are ignorant to the truth. This could be misconstrued as elitism but think a little harder, because it's a fact. People who climb other mountains are still successful, but would they be willing to give all that up to potentially climb higher? If it bruises the EGO its tough if not impossible depending on the person. Most people don’t and that's not a bad thing. Again, it is what it is. Did you ever hear people say “Well I’m good too.” They focus on their trump, destination rather than the journey. And forget about enjoyment and instead focus on the negatively of comparing to others, a self-destructive path. One mountain looks as good as another. That's the problem with common opinion. If people truly wanted to achieve, to really achieve, and marketing didn't have the influence it did in today’s society where its too much?, there would be less information out there or less misinformation for that matter, a misrepresentation etc. Ever notice all the silly catch phrases that everyone seems to have? The heart of it is that people seek approval rather than trust intuition, not their coaches intuition or even their “best” friend but their own. It takes courage and it takes strength to traverse your own path. Again, I emphasize the 3 hour training on Sunday for the prices listed on Facebook that I’ve posted on Kettlebell Education. If I don’t help you, I will refund your money. Payment upon arrival is the way it works.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Here is another video. Whats interesting about this, is that I had used no chalk on the handle. In most competitions I had problems hitting this number. In fact, I remember doing 45/45 in 6 minutes and feeling good about it but grip started to go. The issue at hand and its a good issue is conditioning rather than grip. Hopefully this carries over to longer sets. Since 12 minutes with 28 kg was manageable I suspect it will be. Anyways, I will shut up now and post this 5 minute clip of snatching. 5 minutes snatch 32 kg 50 right and 47 left Body started to tire at the 4 minute mark. Enjoy.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Seminar and 12 minutes snatch 28 kg set video.

enjoy the video to you followers. On saturday before the competition Sept 8th before the weigh in, I'm having an improptu training day for 4 hours at the same venue from 1-5 pm. I will be sharing technique suggestions, mindset philosophy and hw to deal with preparation for mind and body on the day of competition. It will be an informal and open dialogue. 12 minute snatch set with 28 kg is a video of a snatch set I have not done before. A lot of lifters will start out strong and hook the grip at the end. Hooking is not bad as long as they go the distance. This is 6 minutes per hand with a 28 kg. At the end there was at least a minute per hand with grip left if I had don 14 minutes. Since conditioning is a factor in an event where conventionally grip is a factor, this becomes a unique opportunity for you lifters. Sergey Rudnev, my coach I watched in Michigan last year, didn't hook to the very end of the set at all but barely chalked the handle. This intrigued me and snatching has reached a new level. I'm willing to share 4 hours of in person training for a fraction of the costs of any other kettlebell expert out there. You will get a least the level of detail here as any where else save my coaches camp, but it will cost considerably less. Cost: 150 1 pm to 5 pm World Gym Fairfax, September 8th Cost 175 after Sept 2nd.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kettlebell Registration Information. Registration deadline is Sept 7th. Please email me your events once you have registered or post it on my Kettlebell Education page. Marty Farrell
Kettlebell Regionals

Thursday, July 19, 2012 Check it out. This is for Crossfit. Marty Farrell

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Lately, I've been re-engineering technique, programming, AND assistance work after having attended an IKSFA course. For example, I went from 322 reps one switch 16 kg to 494 reps one switch. I only stopped in the latter because I thought that I had completed 500 reps and miscounted(252/242 r/l). This is an example of programming, technique and assistance work applied. In such a short time. The other changed is 120 reps then 117 reps with 20 kg snatch in 10 minutes. Given my long limbs (suited for someone who is 6'5" or 6'6") I'm noticing that 24 reps per minute is my max pace. For example, my records so far... 240 reps with 16 kg in 10 minutes 240 reps with 18 kg in 10 minutes 237 reps with 20 kg in 10 minutes (lost 3 reps on the left hand) 22 kg through 32 kg who knows.... time will tell but its been a long time since I have felt this level of excitement. So, wow! Snatches have always been challenging, having competed for as long as I have, 2004? I'm excited because it is not certain where this will go. For those of you who follow, please hit me up for a seminar. With the 3 factors mentioned combined with platform experience, I recommend taking a course with myself and or IKSFA. People that I've worked with can tell you the importance of the mental game and getting rid of clutter when lifting. On another note, my numbers have changed recently already with lighter kettlebell records a significant amount. In other news, there will be a Seminar at KBCSD with Luis Cortes, and up and coming kettlebell pro IMO given his recent progress and passion for the sport. He and I will conduct a seminar in July and Crossfit Mission Gorge on kettlebells. For sport specific seminars, contact me and we can set something up. Regards. USKBLFTR

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Seminar schedule

As it turns out, I've been coached by Sergey Rudnev, 5 x time world champion who has also coached world champions and the best lifters in the US.

I will have several seminars that will encompass fitness enthusiasts, cross training for sports, and specific kettle bell competitions.

These are seminars that both address technique and basic programming. Within the day I should be posting this on my facebook page "kettlebell education" Kettlebell Education

February 18th

For Intermediate and Advanced only.
9-12:30 pm or 2-5:30.

Location: 4425 Dixie Hill Road, Fairfax, Va
Price: $99.99

This is a 4 hour seminar offered for Kettlebell Competitive Athletes. Learn from one of the Americans who has been with it from the beginning and still competitive to date for 8 years in the history of the US and the first Master of Sport in Biathlon/Long Cycle, but like you, I'm not done competing. As mentioned before, training under Sergey Rudnev, I plan to continue to achieve better than Master of Sport.

These slots are only 5 people so its semi private 4 hour seminar. There are only 10 spots total, 5 for the morning or 5 for the evening if it fills up I might open another spot on the following day.

The level of help you will receive is beyond the norm in seminars. There are not a lot of people, and the finer points of programming and technique will be revealed specific to each individual.

You will also learn to conquer your fears whatever they are in competition. Preparation for the body, mind and equipment will be ingrained. No kidding education and at a reasonable price.


Marty Farrell