Monday, March 11, 2013

Training, planning, coaching

Thats my excuse for taking so long. Be that as it may, things are progressing and New York (April 6th) is one month away. Heart Breaker Regionals its no surprise that Chris Doenlen won the meet. In fact, I think he has a the biathlon record with 24 kgs in North America. 121 jerks and 111/109 snatch. 121 Jerks with 2 24kg 220 snatchesOutstanding! Princess Cortez of Meyer Fitness won the female event with 97 long cycles at 48 kg BW with a 16 kg bell. Thats a very tiny individual. If I am not mistaken, it is 4 weeks to competition. Fun times preparing etc. Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of assisting IKFSA with a seminar for the weekend and despite what I have learned thus far, I learned a lot at the seminar. I suspect there will be a continual learning process. If you haven't check Neocell, you should. I swear by it you are hurting. Neocell, find out why a Judo Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison, swears by it. In other news, here is a quick snatch video. 75/71 to save suspense with 30 kg. Its a mirror image, so I started on my right. 146 snatch with 30 kg After April I want to mention another competition in Dayton OH on May 18th and a follow on seminar. The Dirty Gym in Dayton Ohio If you come to the seminar, you will figure what you need to work. People tell me their limitations when they don't realize their limitations. Unfortunately there is only so much one can learn in a day, but with a practiced eye people can absorb 100% from a seminar, case and point, I've only had 2 meetings with coach and do well with a lot of the technique because of my 8 years of lifting with the 32 kgs bells. That said, I'm noticing a trend where people are hooking because grip goes south. Granted some of these individuals may out rep me by 5-10 reps combined on two hands for snatch, but my issue is conditioning. Please note the video where there is not much chalk on the handle and yet, I don't hook the entire 10 minutes. Thats the point. Again, bigger lifters may get away with it which is a working plan, but what about the lifters who are smaller that can't get away with it? Show up May 18th and 19th for the relay event if nothing else (if you have another comp you can STILL do the relay). The day after is the seminar! Cheers.