Friday, August 29, 2008

This past week: California Trip

At Flint Michigan I had a pleasure of meeting Steve and Maya from ICE CHAMBER.  I had been planning a trip to San Francisco to see Yosemite and Alcatraz among a few other sites.  

So, after talking a bit, they welcomed me to do a seminar at ICE chamber.  Pictures pending.  We worked on some technical items for the team:  Maya, Sarah, Eva, Jess, JoJo and Steve.  

They were upbeat bunch and it seemed to help their performance.  they are already great athletes with potential to be greater. 

Steve is a beast:  I seen him do a pullup with a 32kg bell on each foot.  The real thing.  At the end of the seminar I had some fun testing my grip;)  More pics to come.

I had the pleasure shortly after to visit Yosemite (home of the giangantic sequoias).  They were quite a site.  This had been shortly after a visit to Alcatraz.  At Yosemite, I had 32 oz of water for a 14 mile hike in the mountains.  The climb was only a couple of thousand feet but the overall altitude had been 9900 feet at the summit.  I have a friend who planned the trip who kayaks a fair amount.  

He held up for a while before the altitude got to him.   It had been rough;)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Milestone post surgery

I can only guess that perfecting my technique is the reason and being smarter about my body because I have broken my 5 minute LC performance .  My old best was 27 but today it was 29 reps with 2 32kgs.  I didn't even feel dead though it was a 95% effort.  I am still not quite back with volume just yet but it is getting there.  

Monday, August 18, 2008

Training Montage

Post a comment to what motivates you.  Rocky IV was up there.  But I like this one better. 

To those on igx it shouldn't be a surprise.  To get results, train train train.  The music of this matches the scene perfectly.  

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kettlebells losing their steam?

I think not.  I have often posted on irongarm my thoughts and opinions about kettlebells based on experiences of others including myself.  Bogatirs and GS athletes are the most impressive to me no news.  

How to lift a kettlebell is very simple.  

Simplicity and ease are not necessarily synonymous.  When people understand the concept of how to lift a kettlebell for the right reasons such as safety and performance they are not done.   Hard work is necessary for any results for people be it athletes or just fitness.  

I watched Michael Phelps get his 8th gold medal last night in Beijing.  I know what people will say.  "He is talented".  Yes he is!  But that is not all of it.  He has hard work, he has a coach, he has opportunity.  He does all of things to make him the best possible athlete for him which happens to be a 14 time gold medalist in his career.  No matter who you are you will have to work.  

One true way is not something I really understand.  But there are very rudimentary/fundamental ways to hold a kettlebell and why.  If I hold a kettlebell like a dumbbell I could will cause great injury to myself with a heavier kettlebell.  I think of the 200lb kettlebell or something relatively heavy for someone.  

People who discuss and do so without frame of reference are not there to try to understand.  So when the answer is given, it is "not the right answer" or not the answer they want to hear so the discussion losses steam.  This is the problem when we talk about it but do nothing about it.  We don't like what we hear and don't try to understand it first hand.  Out of everyone I have ever met that got started with kettlebells loved the idea of the rankings.  They havn't been tainted with the mentality of "GS being good for GS." because the market wasn't there yet.   

Non GS

What about one armed LC with 48kg for 10 minutes?  What about 2 hour s of lifting a 32kg bell?   What about 60kg?  Not many people can do this and this is not GS.  Thats the point.  And I'll say this again and again and again, based on that Flint Michigan meet, it seems that kettlebells lifting...for reps is picking up quite a bit.    

I'm excited for all these new kettlebell lifters.  I think they are going to make quite a thing from this!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Congrats to Scott Helsley

I don't have his blog here but will add it soon enough.  He is the leading American in Long Cycle.  In the WKC I've read some pretty big jumps from Gregor.  Scott did Master of Sport performance on long cycle.  Congratulations Scott.  I remember him in Miami having done 38 reps.   I foresee more Master of Sport in men's category on either events.  

MS in LC is something I've yet to accomplish.  I plan on making it in Toronto but we will see. 
 As for this friday I will test my 10 minutes with 2 28kgs kettlebells(orange).   My logic so far is this:  If I get MSWC numbers with the 2 28kgs then I should be good to go on MS numbers with the 32kgs.  :-)  

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Benchmark with 2 28kg kettlebells since the surgery

LC 33 reps for 5 minutes.  35 would have been nice which is what I had shot for.  
I did 10 one arm jerks each side with 40 kg for the first time.  Technique was better then ever!

Funny how that is.  

Since May 28th I had an oral surgery.

I'm working LC. I'm not allowed to lift weights heavier then 12 lbs for fear of clenching with kettlebells for the first 6 weeks when finished widening of the jaw.  That stage had past this past friday.  I looked at the doctor and asked 12lbs? He said the underlying premise is to not clench the jaw. 

At about June 28th (1 month later not excluding the surgery on jun 6 to cauterize bleeding), I did One armed LC for 6 minutes or so legs were shaking (65 kg BW) using one 12 kg bell. I know I didn't follow the rule but jaw clenching didn't occur which had been the main point.  As for my LC venture I am using 2 24 kgs if Im not using 2 28kgs. Flint Michigan meet was July 24th? I had used 2 24kgs.

Based on what I had been through in the OR I wouldn't have tried any of this if I felt anything.   I didn't want to take any chances and go through a disaster.  

As for my using kettlebells to recover. its only one persons experience.  I tried to run the other day(maybe 5 days ago) and the jarring could be felt in the jaw area.  It is still not 100%.  I don't have this problem when working with 24 kgs or 28 kgs. All things in moderation though.  I'm sure attempting 2 32kgs MIGHT be a problem but at this point I seriously doubt it. I feel much much better having taken it on!  
Kettlebells for active recovery are where it is at where jogging fails.  While I think jogging is important this is what I am dealt at this time.  I will slowly add volume to the training as I feel necessary.  

Look at common problems people have.  With jarring motions, bad knees come to mind.  Give kettlebells a shot provided you have proper coaching.  Consult a doctor though;)