Sunday, August 2, 2009

Consultation Services for Kettlebell Sport Competition Preparation

Kettlebell Lifters,

The grueling training of kettlebell lifting to progress has several paths to achieve various rankings Valery's methods will stay with you your entire career should you choose to progress to the best level that you can.

When I started this sport I did 12 reps with 2 24kgs and 0 reps with 2 32kgs. If you follow the program to the letter and train hard, you will get the results.

I will provide in my service:

1. Identification of your goals
a. short term
b. long term

2. Program feedback and recommendation of your program.
a. Send your weekly results and based on those I will highlight your program on a week by week basis.

3. Technique refinement
a. the more the better: Send me videos on youtube of your technique and I will explain what the inconsistencies are.

The program is simple but the best for results in your kettlebell lifting performance.

I've had several individuals come to me for program advice but I think since I am training also that my time is very limited.

People in Team America do not get charged. For AKC certified coaches I'll offer 70% discount on online consultation and AKC trainers 50% discount.

The online consultation fee is as follows:
will be $ 99 dollars month.

It will be month by month or

3 month package 279

The payments will be done through paypal and the advice will be conducted through my email account.

Check out the new vid!!
3minutes long cycle set