Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New York Meet and My Perspective

Biggest turn out I've seen in a while.

And while I didn't do my intended result, I accomplished 42 reps in approx 8 minutes(last 3 were probably a minute ) got to 38 by 7 minutes. This acute pain in my ribs is what I'm sticking to. Never had it before. Didn't hurt after. Could have been the water from being sick etc etc.

The disappointment of putting them down is high and as you can see, I can make excuse after excuse why. Congrats to all the people that made their goals BTW. I looked around and put things in perspective.

When I have non optimal days, in training and in competition it is important for me to reflect where I was in the beginning and even 6 months ago. 42 reps is a s#$t day for me but 2 years ago, it had been a PR and in 10 minutes. What about when I do 42 reps in 5 minutes? or 4 minutes?

It will happen. Suffice to say I had learned a nuance of snatching from Valery(3-4 months ago) I had missed and am excited to implement it now that I am going back to Biathlon. I will also be in the 80 kg weight category for Biathlon. Not 70 and not 75.

and about perspective.

When I looked around the 80 or so competitors trying to achieve their results, I realized that they were all at least as good as the top guys in 2004 and maybe 2005.

It was inspiring to know.

As the sport evolves I shall make true on my statement to Rob Lawrence many years ago that America will catch up to Russia in kettlebell sport.

Time to train.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back to Kettlebells for now..bolo Yeung Seminar details soon

Today I worked out outside with no clock save the music in the IPOD shuffle.

Yesterday worked out outside with a somewhat lack luster performance(32 reps in just over 5 minutes). Decided to do 2 minutes (18 reps PR for the heck of it).

Today well I wasn't supposed to do anything technically but I felt the urge to try the 28 kgs.

And the gym I workout out at that has comp bells I took the 28 kgs outside and tried for 80 reps long cycle(no time limit but monitoring how many songs went by and where the set started and where it stopped during which song). I got after adding up the times at about 10 minutes 15 seconds 72 reps. I fell short of 80 but I actually felt good during and after which is very very rare for me.

Learning and continuing to learn I had to remind myself of all the technical nuances. I forget more technicalities in the lifts whether it is foot position, head position, power initiation, trajectory of one movement, weight distribution, breathing patterns, hand position, warm up, stretching, mindset, etc. So, don't forget them. They help and they matter. And even though I don't do this, I condone it. And that is, train with other people. It helps, especially if they are better lifters.

I daresay that I PRed in longcycle if I'm not mistaken CMS level at any weight category. Now, if I could just get MS in every weight category then that would be good.

I didn't feel too sapped after. I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow. :D

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bolo Yeung

You could be on tv but don't quote me yet!!!

Not only is Bolo hosting a seminar, he is doing so in reality TV fashion. If you would like to attend let me know. I will have it my home town of Arlington VA.

Bolo Yeung..

Competed in Bodybuilding
Discus/shot put


Mike Tyson
Tony Jaa
Bruce Lee

and many others

IF YOU WANT TO MEET HIM for pictures, knowledges etc It will be summer time frame in Arlington.

More details will follow. Email me at if you are interested in a two day seminar.

It will include strength training, striking techniques, speed training, boxing training, jeet kune do. Cost is yet to be determined. I TV with 24 countries will be filming so you will get a chance to be on tv.

If you are only interested in learning about kettlebells, I will be available to instruct them at the seminar. It will be worthwhile and afforadable! and for pictures autographs only(if you don't want to do the seminar) it could be an option.

Marty Farrell