Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Atlanta Meet

It is always a pleasure to see the familiar faces and meet new ones. Andrew's "worst" set was 138 reps. No American save Valery can get near that as far as I can tell. So his(Andrew's) worst is awesome.

I was most impressed with the Ice Chamber crew. They bring a positive energy to event and their performance in a mere 3 months demonstrated with the 16kgs what they did with the 12kgs prior. Maya, Surya, Heidy, Jessica, Bear and Steve did awesome all setting PRs.

Scott Shetler did a fantastic job setting up the meet and is an all around great source of info. Well done. Chris Duffy congratulations on your PR. You have a good drive for this. Ken and Lorraine a big thanks for helping the event run smoothly.

Lastly, AKC thank you for your involvement and prizes even though I didn't win one;)

More to come and stay tuned for the Arnold in March.

For those in the military stay tuned. There will be a Military Championship Kettlebell meet Nov of 2009 and an Air Force Championship Kettlebell Meet May of 2009 . I will provide details soon.


Steven Khuong said...


Your performance was incredible. The entire team thanks you for the positive energy and encouragement. It's always great to see you my friend!

Anonymous said...

May 2009? I better get training! Oh wait, no girls other than myself showed up to the last one. We need to get better turn out at this one coming up in May...it will be awesome. Marty is the bestest kettlebell coach EVER!

U. S. Military Kettlebell Competitions said...

You did a great job at the Oct comp! I'll do my best to show up and compete at the May meet. Marty is a great inspiration. :>


Anonymous said...

Awww, thanks! You did great too :-) It was awesome that you traveled all that way to come to the meet. I hope you can make it to the next one.