Sunday, September 27, 2009

Busy busy busy

A lot of things going on.

This most recent meet at Malcolm X college, I enjoyed the national anthem sung there. It represents culture in a competition.
I also want to thank the contributors that set up the meet and worked hard to keep things running smoothly.
Thank you for the cheering section. Its always good to have enthusiasts watch and cheer for enthusiasts.

Here is a clip of the Chicago meet. Long Cycle Set 49 Reps

For one, there are many kettlebell lifters out there and many kettlebell trainers out there. If you're interested in kettlebell foundation workshop or a kettlebell meet email me at I'm starting a Newsletter about events, several months down the road and monthly.

As of right now, I offer online consultation. just email me at the address shown above.
15% is me and 85% you when it comes to coaching.

As for a Fitness Certification License I'm available to certify specific groups or general Fitness Consultants. Same Deal, email me and we'll work from there.


CI said...

Again, Awesome Job. It's an exciting time here for this sport.

Are you going to Vegas?


Kettlebelllifter said...

Hey Cate,

Thanks. I'm going to Vegas but haven't booked anything yet. How about you? Hows training going?

Mine is maintain at this point.


CI said...

Training is goine well. Yes, I will be in Vegas.

I definitely understand maintenance mode :)