Sunday, November 8, 2009

Las Vegas

Many words could be used to describe the weekend: fast, stressful, rewarding, grueling, illuminating etc. The Ice Chamber if I am correct produced its first Master of Sport Jessica DeBiase. (Spelling?). Congratulations on the longcycle. Now its time for Biathlon.

As for me I repeated the same performance in Chicago by the numbers. Thats another story entirely.

I hadn't had stable training I felt.

Surya missed by but a few. I know what thats like. :) Train more and get higher numbers in the gym.

Cate Imes didn't compete but I know she will get to it sooner then later.

One of my newer students and local resident Lisa Balash competed and came close to CMS.

ITs a good experience that she will learn from. One of the take aways from competition is that like any thing else, performance takes experience and ultimately patience. Performance also requires a realization that 90-95% of a PR is the likelihood in a competition. This occurs more commonly at the Master of Sport and beyond level.

Chris D is closing in on Rank I. I know he will it get soon.

Congratulations to Eric St. Onge, the first Canadian to achieve Candidate Master of Sport if I'm correct.

Congratulations to Australia and Ukraine for producing a CMS and MS respectively under the World Kettlebell Club ranking.

Congratulations Lorna K for achieving national records.

Thanks to Moses, and many others who helped with the set up/tear down(I thank myself for that too) and the AKC for putting it on.

It almost seems that an MS or several will be produced a for national and international competitions to come.

Great effort from everyone in attendance and achieving your respective ranks. Its a stepping stone to the next level.

I look forward to Atlanta Dec 5th.


Chris Duffey said...

Great seeing you again man. Always inspiring to see you do your thing.. See you in Atlanta??

Boris T. said...

Marty it was good seeing you again. The meet was a blast, all the best in ATL.

JG said...

Congratulations on a great performance. This was the first time I attended the AKC Classic and hope to return as a lifter next year.