Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I appreciate the athletics in their given field. Lately MMA has increased popularity in no small part to the efforts and success of Dana White. He put it on the map.

I recognize kettlebells as a worthy sport not because I do it personally (though many would disagree) but because of the aspect that you have to train for it and train significantly and apply as many helpful conditions as possible.

My Powerlifting friend who totalled ELITE in 148, 165 and 181 said that "I like kettlebell sport because if you are a runner, you get your ass kicked, if you are a Cross Fitter, you get your ass kicked, if you are a powerlifter, you get your ass kicked."

It is not on the map yet but it has a history of over half a century as Russia's military sport.

The formula for what I consider high level in any sport is good coaching, hard work and consistency to achieve mastery. Terms like well rounded and "elite" fitness by its very definition are oxymorons aka contradictions of words. I ask fitness for what? If we talk about health and wellness I think risk management. Risk of injury, heart, cancer etc.

My resting heart rate is 39 when I don't read posts on the bad forum;) They are examples of those who want the secret formula for ultimate bad A#$.

This may be a downer but the basic formula for success doesn't change. Just find that "something" and focus on it. Key is focus. Not changing your routine from one week to the next. I will have more to follow.


John Harshman said...

Great article Marty; I am just starting to realize what can happen when I train consistently (without waivering by gimmicks). What are your current goals?

Kettlebelllifter said...

Hey John. I guess my goals at this point are MSWC or MSIC. Not sure about a time frame.

MrsKBJ said...

Hi Marty!!
I will add your blog to my blog list. I am excited to read about all your adventures!!
Hope you are doing well!!