Monday, September 27, 2010

Las Vegas Competition: Reviving my blog

I won't say out right what my numbers simply because I'm making gains and unstable at this point, but in a good way. Its exciting to know that I have a few students that are doing quite well. But only a few;) There is simply no time to juggle training, coaching and working :D

I admit it is easier in some ways to coach someone who is motivated and in that regard I have respect for trainers. Its very very difficult work.

But back to Las Vegas, I've been away from the platform for far too long.

I'm 77 kg right now eating whatever I want. That is slowly changing, cutting out sweet drinks, alcohol and other things that I consider useless when trying to jerk 85% bodweight for 80 reps. The added weight made a huge difference though not right away.

Here are some examples:

Snatching the 40 kg for 78 reps
Pressed the 40 kg on the right
Pressed the 36 kg on the left.

Damn near jerked 2 48 kg bells
Jerked 2 40kgs for 30 reps

Thats about it. But getting to this bodyweight had taken far too long.

Time to commence training



Boris Terzic said...

Good luck in Vegas Marty, wish I could be there this year too.

Ken Whetham said...

Best of Luck Marty! I'm sure you'll put up whatever numbers you decide. You always boggle my mind with your strength/weight ratio.
Looking forward to seeing you at another comp soon.