Sunday, October 31, 2010


The competition is less then 5 training sessions away. Today is a day off. I had been in FL to check out the event at Key West. While Key West was a beautiful place, I wasn't into the events that surrounded it. It had a New Orleans vibe to it and not conducive to training. I didn't really drink but trained everyday hard.

I'm curious how Las Vegas will go and thats a good feeling to have, its a sign of training. Without getting into specifics, I have a min and max goal. I will train tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday and maybe Thursday. Monday and Tuesday will be hard training days. Wednesday will be easier and Thursday easier still.

Also, mid Nov I will have my second and final surgical procedure to align my jaw. Months later(by the Arnold) I will be normal(braces off). It will set me back temporarily but I'm the best kettlebell lifter now then ever before and I feel that I will continue to improve and achieve high level MS(MSIC or MSWC).

The cool part is that I have students who will be closing in MS (both male and female) at the Arnold and where-ever else. Its foreshadowing.


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MrsKBJ said...

Hi Marty! Enjoy your day off! Happy Halloween! Good luck at your competition!
Kelly, JR, and Madison