Sunday, October 5, 2014

Kettlebell Competition

Kettlebell Competition January 10th World Gym Fairfax.   The list of events is as follows:
AKA Rules.

Weigh In Friday 6-9 pm
Saturday 7-8 am
Rules 8 am

9 am 

8 kg long cycle
8 kg snatch
8 kg biathlon

12 kg long cycle
12 kg snatch
12 kg biathlon


Approximately 10:30 am

female 12 kg long cycle
female 12 kg snatch
female 12 kg biathlon

male 16 kg long cycle
male 16 kg biathlon
male 16 kg snatch


Approximately 12 noon

female 16 kg long cycle
female 16 kg snatch
female 16 kg biathlon

male 20 kg long cycle
male 20 kg snatch
male 20 kg biathlon


Approximately 1:30

female 20 kg long cycle
female 20 kg snatch
female 20 kg biathlon

male 24 kg long cycle
male 24 kg snatch
male 24 kg biathlon

Approximately 3:30

female snatch 24 kg
female biathlon 24 kg
female long cycle 24 kg
male 28 kg snatch
male 28 kg biathlon
male 28 kg biathlon
female 28 kg long cycle
male 32 kg snatch
male 32 kg long cycle
male 32 kg biathlon

Awards Approximately 430

Relays Optional after awards.  

Rules of competition. Best overall lifter will be designated by male 24 kg 28 and 32.
Female will be 16, 20, 24 and 28 (long cycle). In the category of event.
There will be best overall lifter for 16, for 20, 24 and 28 and 32. We will not cross over events that differ in weight used. So there will be best lifter in several event categories. In Russia this was done(coefficient) strictly with 32 kg. Coefficient per category is the weight x reps/bodyweight.

We want to make it as professional and as fair as we possibly can to recognize the achievements across the events for lifters. Good luck and see you at the competition.

Kettlebell Lifter.  

Kettlebell event
Kettlebell weight used
Female Body Weight
Men Body weight
Men Bodyweight continued
Kettlebell seminar
Technique and programming(unique)

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