Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oct 4th! Kettlebell Competition and Toronto and more

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Toronto was a wash.  While my performance has increased with shorter sets I didn't have it for 10 minutes.  A thing that trips up some kettlebellers along the way is the mentality of 10 minutes.  If something goes awry then people ask the silent question "whats the point of continuing.?"  10 minutes shouldn't be the issue ever for someone who can do CMS or better.  

Scott Helsley has worked hard and it showed that day.  St. Onge has the drive and could be very good soon(6 months).  Even 3 months perhaps.  

As for me, since Toronto and not an original thought, the volume has increased from 

lifting 6000 lbs a day to 30000lbs.  

Ok, back from work...
The going slower doesn't mean less power, just less frequency of that power.   The body takes longer to recover from each rep so it becomes less frequent.  But 60 reps is more power then 50 reps.  Power-Endurance.  The ability to generate a certain amount of power for a certain number of reps that happens to happen over a certain amount of time.  Training modalities that I read from Girevoysport after 40 blog about Russian methods may or may not be true.  But in the end, a high level athlete doesn't care.  They all do a lot of reps over a considerable amount of time.  Since I had conversed with Denisov though briefly he talked about working for a certain amount of time with the kettlebells.  

Whether its for time or reps, semantics is what it boils down to for reps/time IF they are considerable.  


ericc said...

Marty, if you have time I have a question for you. I noticed that on your longer sets you do (for example)5,4,5,4...and so on. Is this rep scheme by design? Or just how it happens to fall on that particular day? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Marty!

151mWf said...


It is based on how how I feel. 4 reps is too slow 5 is too fast for now. For 10 minutes. LC has 9 reps a minute if you count cleans for 4.5 a minute:D