Saturday, October 25, 2008

The differences between a Master of Sport and beyond

I'm not a Master of Sport in long cycle yet.  But I am understanding aspects of technique only very recently.   I now understand what Valery meant when he said I was ready for 90 jerks when I was doing 70.  

I can't say that this will be.  But it means the difference between Master of Sport and World Class (achieved fairly).  I remember Denisov telling me that MSIC not being difficult.  I believe that it is possible now to feel that way.   Difficulty comes from a frame of reference.   His frame of reference is different from mine.  I do not have his. MS had been achieved in LC though unofficially I feel that will not go away(the ability to do this).  I can't wait to see what will happen next.  When I started this I didn't rank VII.  That proves that anyone can do this(Master of Sport or beyond).  It comes in steps/levels and mindsets.  See where you end up after the initial training phase and constantly learn.  Don't stop learning.  Valery is an invaluable resource second to none in the kettlebell world. He did 110 snatches each hand with 32 kg at 76 kg BW.   

I did 55 each hand with 32kg at 70 kg.    

He has a champion's talent, frame, coach, discipline, and work ethic.   Though I do not at this point I will keep pursuing it and learning even though I am a "Master".   Discipline and passion can be groomed and it will build on it self in the training hall.   The specifics about what I learned are based on my rack position and my frame and what Valery wanted me to do about 1.5 years ago.  It didn't feel right before at all.   Even when making Master of Sport and beyond my rack position and the ascent of the jerk didn't feel quite right.   Now it does and I am doing what he said.  Let us see.  


U. S. Military Kettlebell Competitions said...

Very impressive! Training with you on 4 Oct 08 has helped keep me motivated. I did 8 minutes for both the 2 arm jerks and 1 arm snatches with the 24kg yesterday. My plan is to do both for 10 minutes by Christmas. Keep up the great work!

Kettlebelllifter said...

Hey Greg. You will certainly meet your goals and go beyond. It is that simple. Just keep consistent and hit me up with any questions.