Tuesday, October 28, 2008


When training for kettlebell competition up to Toronto my failure, I had been recovering from surgery.  Didn't have too too much time to prepare because of the volume issue.  My biggest mistake was not training a 10 minute set prior to.  My longest set up to that time was 6 minutes and it wasn't consistent.  

Experience teaches us how to overcome these obstacles even when out of shape.  Since kettlebell sport is highly mental, there is more difficulty to overcome that.  But not impossible.  I should have.  But this will add to the experience.  Each competitor has unique challenges to face and some common challenges.  

Either way, all but the very greatest forget subtle things when they stop training.  Since my technique is not perfect or wasn't perfect;)  I had to re vamp how to reapply what Valery tried to teach me.  Like I said in the previous blog I adjusted the rack position in the middle of the set for no reason but it stuck and now I feel more comfortable.  I will post a pic or will be in Cincy Nov or Atl(HUGE MEET) in December in case those reading plan to attend.  

Thats the crux of it though, you learn 80% by watching and even trying on the spot with a coach watching, but some of the learning(in some ways the most crucial) is doing the reps and the time in the training hall.  Believe it or not but the "nice" people on igx who enjoy discussions miss that , because there is too much discussion.  Not enough application.  

For those who think you know it all that went to a cert or a seminar or a bunch, well maybe you do!  I have to see your form;)  But going to a cert AKC or otherwise and expecting to know 100% is not realistic.  You have train train train to reinforce what you learned.   That is if you want to be good or knowledgeable.  I think that is the biggest thing why people "hang on" to using a kettlebell "for anything".  You can sell it for results with a shortcut.  "The shortcut to blah blah"  There is no shortcut to results.  

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