Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wellness? or appearance of Wellness.

This is a slippery slope.


We have a plethora of ways to test wellness but it isn't perfect.

So I'll just use a requirement. Military wellness is the ability to perform a task in less then optimal circumstances.

The military and their job has a requirement. There is a series of tests done by the British military and one is a sand band loading test which measures work capacity. Not endurance, not absolute strength.

Another example is a medical evac crew or firemen have to carry a load under duress be it enemy fire or heat or just a feeling of panic.

Valery said it best when it comes to "natural reaction" and the tests we have in place in the military encourage natural reaction. Go as fast and as hard as you can until you inevitably wear out. Unfortunately in life and death this happens and for good reason. You want to survive.

Since kettlebell lifting introduces a very similar component to oly lifting about speed and a start/stop it reinforces athleticism.
The way athleticism is reinforced is the kettlebell lifter is relaxed and then uses a pulse of tension to explode The time between relaxation and explosive power becomes less and is reinforced through repetition; to the point where it is second nature. The phosphogen energy system(used for max effort) is used when each repetition of a jerk or snatch is performed. Not to a full extent but a little at a time.

Mobility is increased! Supporting or using fixation. The ability to relax is increased which saves energy until that moment to explode and then relax. Using the frame to hold the weight will increase joint strength and ultimately reduce risk of impact related injuries.

Mind you I was talking about military requirement. But the average person would like to hear things about joint mobility and relaxation. Sitting in a chair all day creates tension in the back and tightens the muscles out of balance such that the joints bear the brunt of bad posture. It becomes a question of when.

People also like to hear that they can equal 2 hours in 7 minutes of kettlebell lifting in terms of calories

Everyone on the planet is competitive to some form or another. I won't lie, its partly responsible for why I like kettlebells. But the health rewards from it are awesome. Back to competition, get someone who finds out they are really good at something and they will like it.

How does competition relate to wellness? If you are not well or ready it could be bad. Intramural sports are a big thing where I am and a lot of people compete(just for fun). Right.

A man overweight played softball and broke his femur running to first base. It was probably the first time he ran in a matter of years. He was made an example of in safety. Didn't have strong bones, good work capacity. Had weak joints. Sounds cocky but it could have been prevented.

People would rather have healthcare then health. They don't care about their health so as long as they are insured. It has thus become a nation of sick care rather then health care.

Other aspects of wellness: connective tissue.

What is interesting about compound movements is that that use a great amount of connective tissue then isolation. My friend who was an Elite level powerlifter that went to Oly weight lifting of all things talked about bodybuilders not extending full ROM.

With kettlebells we rely on full ROM for rest positions and let joints take on the weight FOR TIME.

If you are merely someone who wishes to be healthy and reduce risk of injury that is fine.

If you are a competitive wrestler, grappler fighter, connective tissue matters and applies.

Fedor Emelianko, the most well rounded fighter IMO doesn't have that beautiful 8 ab stomach.

This fight on youtube is a great example of what we perceive as "hard" vs "soft." Tense versus relaxed.

On a general scale do you want to train in parts or as a whole?

Mark Coleman against Fedor part 1

Mark Coleman against Fedor part 2

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