Sunday, January 25, 2009

Upcoming Events

Feb 7th and 8th

NC seminar on perfection of kettlebell lifts.

Kettlebell Seminar

First Human Performance study in history of the military will involve kettlebells.

There are two groups.

One was a poor fitness category:

The other was a Medical Evacuation Rescue Team

Tests include(before and after) Vo2 Max, grip strength, aerobic capacity, bf composition,
since the study took 1.5 years to write and approve it will be good to finally see the results of kettlebells and their fitness program.

March 7, 8th is the Arnold Championships

March 14th
Kettlebell Trainer Certification course
Tampa, Fl

This is tentative.

May 16 will be the Air Force Kettlebell Competition.

Chair Press
Long Cycle
Snatch Only

Stay Tuned!

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