Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Kettlebells used as a tool" and Jillian M.

That seems to be the "whatever" in any argument with a kettlebell.

People like to get wrapped around the axle being kettlebell experts and whatnot.

There are thousands if not 10s of thousands of "World Class" Trainers out there with Kettlebell licenses and "certification authority". to sift through who is and who is not really not my job. I do fix a lot of biomechanics of people who make blanket statements about power. I'm an engineer. I know physics. If you move a weight from point A to point B you've demonstrated power. If you mvoe a heaver weight in the same ballistic manner at the same time you generate more power.

Getting side tracked but back to "Kettlebell Expertise"

Popular Kettlebells

So when they bash Jillian Michaels I scratch my head. Not because I'm defending her. I think for the most part she is fame with a kettlebell in her hand. Same concept as a celebrity trainer. From a far away obvservation I see image and marketing, but I could be wrong. But whats to say she can't learn a better way.

Can't fault her for not knowing.

She is in the rat race of trying to sell herself as an "expert" and a lot of the hate comes from other rats ha ha.


I try not to get wrapped up in the Dogma of Kettlebell Sport but there are glaring truths that occur. A for instance is that, no kettlebell person on earth can outlift a competitor on a world class level without specific training. That means the lifts in the competition and for high reps and or time. I had a discussion about Lance Armstrong to try Kettlebell Sport. He would not win world championships. Its possible? Yes. Probable Not at all. Knowing how to get there is not enough even with a background. Thats like saying he could win a marathon if he "really" trained for it. I'm high and mighty with my observations yes??? :D

Back to Fitness

From a fitness perspective, I think you get really fit really quick over any other Kettlebell ballistic routine simply because of the potential to move weight with the strongest movement the body can exude ballistically(jerk) for continuous repetitions. I can only base that on my training.

I see people get whipped in the gym(that has Comp bells) on 16 kg snatches for 5 sets of 5, the presrcibed "hardcore" workout. I'm confused.

Maybe there is a routine out there that can make me do better results for conditioning (loose term in general) but who cares.

My favorite is when I get asked what it is I do and when I explain what it is the response is usually, "well I do this, or I do that." I to this day don't know why that response occurs or where it comes from.

Fitness Benefits to KB Sport

The pacing aspect and lasting is pysiological and mental.

The argument of reps versus time is a moot argument. Enough reps equate to time. Enough time equates to reps. These people who argue don't train.

I'm training lc and up to 2 24 kgs now. My shoulder is recovering quickly because I'm doing all the right things. Just have to be careful. I also think without specific training that the risk is much higher(obviously) for heavy OAJ. I'm sticking to two kettlebells of equal weight. It works for me. No more OAJ sport.

What works for you?


Espiritu Arete said...

Like the post. The 'world' of kettlebells does get a little...thick. I started messing with Russian style bells in 2001 and loved finally owning a weight that fit in an apartment and suited my kenpo practice. I keep things simple, own 9 bells, some competitive style, some iron, actually about 50/50. Recently, 'Hardstyle' has left me with only so many options during training, so I looked into Coach Sonnon's spetznaz program and enjoy the results. Found a program to increase skills with the tool, the detailed list of results are secondary to me, I want to have real command of the bell. One day if I train for competition I'll have to use the proper training methods for that. Yeah, 5x5 shouldn't whip people, I use 5x5s to get accustomed my groove and dial it in. Good post.

mikesharkey said...

Hi marty... I've very much enjoyed watching your sets and progress. i agree we all have to find what works best for each of us. though I am far from being an accomplished lifter, I am making alot of progress in different goals by using biofeedback training that I learned from Adam Glass. so... what works for me is whatever my body tells me to do that day. good luck in all your future lifting.