Saturday, January 29, 2011

Active Recovery Clinic without using kettlebells :D

Following February 19th I will be doing a mobility clinic that involves more then kettlebells. Whenever an athlete competes that break things, we do so in a ceratin vector or direction(micro) but over time this can become macro.

We have to "break" ourselves though not literally in the opposite direction;) or rather balance the imbalances the girevoy or handle bell sport introduce. We have to do the un fun stuff to "have fun" with our sport.

I've had the pleasure of recently talking to an MD about this at length that said and I laugh everytime "An Athlete is like a Ferrari driving down the road with one wheel with a telephone pole dragging behind it at full speed."

So true as I am learning.

There are two types of athletes: healthy ones and unhealthy ones.

11-2 is the training Clinic and 3-4 (and beyond if necessary) for the active recovery clinic.

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