Saturday, April 9, 2011

Skill/Programming and Seminars

Skill comes with practice and more quickly with someone knowledgable looking over your shoulder. In the past 7 or so years I've continued to improve upon things I thought I had learned but did not.

Programming can be more complicated and different depending on the level of the athlete. With many types of programming, results come in the beginning. But after a certain point, you hit a wall.

As for some of my students and myself, I've noted that the skills are 90-99% there. So now, it becomes a question about programming. Programming is different for a bigger athlete then a smaller athlete in this game. Think about it.

If you are talking health, then we can discuss the effects of Kettlebell sport on the different sizes of athletes dealing with fixed weight.

Then comes the discussion of periodization...well I think it exists or should exist rather to some extent. Back off for a time in certain aspects to come back stronger etc etc. More specifics are provided at the seminar.

The seminar (tentative) will be in three locations and times soon that I will post definitively in a few weeks. But for now, IF you want to improve your results and train intelligently instead of guessing, consider coming to the seminar. The programming happens during and after the seminar. Let me do the guessing. This is for kettlebell sport AND cross training.

Marty Farrell

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