Sunday, August 14, 2011

500 dollars cash in hand to the first female...

Good news females!

I am willing to pay 500 dollars cash to the first female to achieve a result with two bell lifting. For now its long cycle. As long as I'm in the room, any place at any time you can try.

Why am I doing this? I'm curious and read a post on a forum where a guy talked about how its apples and oranges to compare female and male kettlebell lifting. He asked for the females to prove him wrong. Since female lifters are doing much better than the male lifters, I think that they can. So I'm willing to pay out for it.

50kg 35 rep with 2 20kg
55kg 38 reps with 2 20kg
60 kg 43 reps with 2 20kg
65 kg 49 reps with 2 20kg
70 kg 54 reps with 2 20kg
75 kg 60 reps with 2 20kg
80 kg 63 reps with 2 20kg
80+kg 67 reps with 2 20kg

I'm also paying 250 to the first female to do as follows with 2 16 kgs

50kg 53 rep with 2 16kg
55kg 58 reps with 2 16kg
60 kg 63 reps with 2 16kg
65 kg 66 reps with 2 16kg
70 kg 70 reps with 2 16kg
75 kg 73 reps with 2 16kg
80 kg 79 reps with 2 16kg
80+kg 84 reps with 2 16kg

Have at it. If you want to train with me personally, I'll offer a 60% discount of my 125 per hour rate and do what I can to help you get this result in record time. I'm excited to pay! If we train online than its 80 per month. Sorry guys.

Marty Farrell


Sincere said...

Wow! That's quite a challenge, Marty. However, for some reason, I feel a strong lady will step up and blow it out the water.

Unknown said...

I'd love to be the first!