Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Lately, I've been re-engineering technique, programming, AND assistance work after having attended an IKSFA course. For example, I went from 322 reps one switch 16 kg to 494 reps one switch. I only stopped in the latter because I thought that I had completed 500 reps and miscounted(252/242 r/l). This is an example of programming, technique and assistance work applied. In such a short time. The other changed is 120 reps then 117 reps with 20 kg snatch in 10 minutes. Given my long limbs (suited for someone who is 6'5" or 6'6") I'm noticing that 24 reps per minute is my max pace. For example, my records so far... 240 reps with 16 kg in 10 minutes 240 reps with 18 kg in 10 minutes 237 reps with 20 kg in 10 minutes (lost 3 reps on the left hand) 22 kg through 32 kg who knows.... time will tell but its been a long time since I have felt this level of excitement. So, wow! Snatches have always been challenging, having competed for as long as I have, 2004? I'm excited because it is not certain where this will go. For those of you who follow, please hit me up for a seminar. With the 3 factors mentioned combined with platform experience, I recommend taking a course with myself and or IKSFA. People that I've worked with can tell you the importance of the mental game and getting rid of clutter when lifting. On another note, my numbers have changed recently already with lighter kettlebell records a significant amount. In other news, there will be a Seminar at KBCSD with Luis Cortes, and up and coming kettlebell pro IMO given his recent progress and passion for the sport. He and I will conduct a seminar in July and Crossfit Mission Gorge on kettlebells. For sport specific seminars, contact me and we can set something up. Regards. USKBLFTR

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