Sunday, January 22, 2012

Seminar schedule

As it turns out, I've been coached by Sergey Rudnev, 5 x time world champion who has also coached world champions and the best lifters in the US.

I will have several seminars that will encompass fitness enthusiasts, cross training for sports, and specific kettle bell competitions.

These are seminars that both address technique and basic programming. Within the day I should be posting this on my facebook page "kettlebell education" Kettlebell Education

February 18th

For Intermediate and Advanced only.
9-12:30 pm or 2-5:30.

Location: 4425 Dixie Hill Road, Fairfax, Va
Price: $99.99

This is a 4 hour seminar offered for Kettlebell Competitive Athletes. Learn from one of the Americans who has been with it from the beginning and still competitive to date for 8 years in the history of the US and the first Master of Sport in Biathlon/Long Cycle, but like you, I'm not done competing. As mentioned before, training under Sergey Rudnev, I plan to continue to achieve better than Master of Sport.

These slots are only 5 people so its semi private 4 hour seminar. There are only 10 spots total, 5 for the morning or 5 for the evening if it fills up I might open another spot on the following day.

The level of help you will receive is beyond the norm in seminars. There are not a lot of people, and the finer points of programming and technique will be revealed specific to each individual.

You will also learn to conquer your fears whatever they are in competition. Preparation for the body, mind and equipment will be ingrained. No kidding education and at a reasonable price.


Marty Farrell

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