Monday, August 13, 2012

Seminar and 12 minutes snatch 28 kg set video.

enjoy the video to you followers. On saturday before the competition Sept 8th before the weigh in, I'm having an improptu training day for 4 hours at the same venue from 1-5 pm. I will be sharing technique suggestions, mindset philosophy and hw to deal with preparation for mind and body on the day of competition. It will be an informal and open dialogue. 12 minute snatch set with 28 kg is a video of a snatch set I have not done before. A lot of lifters will start out strong and hook the grip at the end. Hooking is not bad as long as they go the distance. This is 6 minutes per hand with a 28 kg. At the end there was at least a minute per hand with grip left if I had don 14 minutes. Since conditioning is a factor in an event where conventionally grip is a factor, this becomes a unique opportunity for you lifters. Sergey Rudnev, my coach I watched in Michigan last year, didn't hook to the very end of the set at all but barely chalked the handle. This intrigued me and snatching has reached a new level. I'm willing to share 4 hours of in person training for a fraction of the costs of any other kettlebell expert out there. You will get a least the level of detail here as any where else save my coaches camp, but it will cost considerably less. Cost: 150 1 pm to 5 pm World Gym Fairfax, September 8th Cost 175 after Sept 2nd.

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