Monday, April 27, 2009

Igx post about non inflammatory question:non inflammatory answer attempt

Those of you curious I want impart a few things about this test. For it to really work we need everyone training the same things to get an accurate picture and have the same background.

Since I'm considered a kettlebell purist by a few I'll impart my experiences.
This is what I believe based on my experiences to be the case.

Comparing a press to a jerk in this test is a flawed logic.

Here is why.

Simple, I'm not training the press. I real test would be to train a kettlebell press to figure out how that would apply to barbell. Now let me delve deeper? What is more functional? a Press or a Jerk?

What is more athletic in the requirement? If I had a fighter what would I train him with if it was one or the other? Which is healthier on shoulders? I'm not sure press is my first choice. I would still incorporate it but I have to talk to a trainer about that;)

I haven't done a heavy dead lift in forever but I can see some carry over. However, I still would recommend deadlifting to get better at deadlifting.

Here is the entire situation, not realizing strength-endurance as its own category and trying to fit the mold of testing strength or endurance.

If your argument is military press with a barbell then do kettlebell presses and see the results. Not kettlebell jerks.

The non inflammatory question is trying to point out a weakness in only doing jerks and snatches for time in the press.

Of course there are weaknesses!

One is explosive and one is not relative to each other. You do not want to press more by doing jerks alone or snatches alone for that matter :D

I'm acknowledging that they don't do everything and thats the problem with variety in this country. We try to incorporate everything and become experts at nothing. I don't mind coming out and saying outright that I would not be able to press 135 for a boatload of reps. However, if I had pressing in my diet that would be something interesting. Also look at the different lifters bodytypes You need an unbiased category of newbies with the same weight and dimensions.

Do I mind trying the test? No. I can do it but whats the point? Its not a right and wrong but a frame of reference.

Thank you for reading and don't hesitate to ask questions!

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