Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Benchmark with 2 28kg kettlebells since the surgery

LC 33 reps for 5 minutes.  35 would have been nice which is what I had shot for.  
I did 10 one arm jerks each side with 40 kg for the first time.  Technique was better then ever!

Funny how that is.  

Since May 28th I had an oral surgery.

I'm working LC. I'm not allowed to lift weights heavier then 12 lbs for fear of clenching with kettlebells for the first 6 weeks when finished widening of the jaw.  That stage had past this past friday.  I looked at the doctor and asked 12lbs? He said the underlying premise is to not clench the jaw. 

At about June 28th (1 month later not excluding the surgery on jun 6 to cauterize bleeding), I did One armed LC for 6 minutes or so legs were shaking (65 kg BW) using one 12 kg bell. I know I didn't follow the rule but jaw clenching didn't occur which had been the main point.  As for my LC venture I am using 2 24 kgs if Im not using 2 28kgs. Flint Michigan meet was July 24th? I had used 2 24kgs.

Based on what I had been through in the OR I wouldn't have tried any of this if I felt anything.   I didn't want to take any chances and go through a disaster.  

As for my using kettlebells to recover. its only one persons experience.  I tried to run the other day(maybe 5 days ago) and the jarring could be felt in the jaw area.  It is still not 100%.  I don't have this problem when working with 24 kgs or 28 kgs. All things in moderation though.  I'm sure attempting 2 32kgs MIGHT be a problem but at this point I seriously doubt it. I feel much much better having taken it on!  
Kettlebells for active recovery are where it is at where jogging fails.  While I think jogging is important this is what I am dealt at this time.  I will slowly add volume to the training as I feel necessary.  

Look at common problems people have.  With jarring motions, bad knees come to mind.  Give kettlebells a shot provided you have proper coaching.  Consult a doctor though;) 


Howie Brewer said...

Glad to see your recuperation is coming along well. You are a good example for people who like to rush into training when their bodies are not prepared for it. Slow and steady. Continual progress.

Kettlebelllifter said...

Thanks Howie! I think that of course that its easier to come back then to venture to someplace for the first time. In other words if your best is 70 reps and you want 100 then it will take longer then someone who did 100 reps before took time off and came back.