Friday, August 29, 2008

This past week: California Trip

At Flint Michigan I had a pleasure of meeting Steve and Maya from ICE CHAMBER.  I had been planning a trip to San Francisco to see Yosemite and Alcatraz among a few other sites.  

So, after talking a bit, they welcomed me to do a seminar at ICE chamber.  Pictures pending.  We worked on some technical items for the team:  Maya, Sarah, Eva, Jess, JoJo and Steve.  

They were upbeat bunch and it seemed to help their performance.  they are already great athletes with potential to be greater. 

Steve is a beast:  I seen him do a pullup with a 32kg bell on each foot.  The real thing.  At the end of the seminar I had some fun testing my grip;)  More pics to come.

I had the pleasure shortly after to visit Yosemite (home of the giangantic sequoias).  They were quite a site.  This had been shortly after a visit to Alcatraz.  At Yosemite, I had 32 oz of water for a 14 mile hike in the mountains.  The climb was only a couple of thousand feet but the overall altitude had been 9900 feet at the summit.  I have a friend who planned the trip who kayaks a fair amount.  

He held up for a while before the altitude got to him.   It had been rough;)


Franz Snideman said...


Looks like things are going well for you....rock on!

32kg's on each foot for a pull up, wow! Which Steve was doing that, that guy in the photo?

Kettlebelllifter said...


How is it going? I appreciate that. Steve Khuong with ICE CHAMBER did that. Incredible group.

That is the guy in the photo.


Franz Snideman said...

Good lord! What an animal!

Very impressive and motivating to say the least!

You had a surgery? What happened?

April said...

Hi Marty,

With regards to the meet at WP area B gym. Are spectators welcome. What time is the meet on 4 Oct? Thanks for the info.