Sunday, August 10, 2008

Congrats to Scott Helsley

I don't have his blog here but will add it soon enough.  He is the leading American in Long Cycle.  In the WKC I've read some pretty big jumps from Gregor.  Scott did Master of Sport performance on long cycle.  Congratulations Scott.  I remember him in Miami having done 38 reps.   I foresee more Master of Sport in men's category on either events.  

MS in LC is something I've yet to accomplish.  I plan on making it in Toronto but we will see. 
 As for this friday I will test my 10 minutes with 2 28kgs kettlebells(orange).   My logic so far is this:  If I get MSWC numbers with the 2 28kgs then I should be good to go on MS numbers with the 32kgs.  :-)  

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