Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Milestone post surgery

I can only guess that perfecting my technique is the reason and being smarter about my body because I have broken my 5 minute LC performance .  My old best was 27 but today it was 29 reps with 2 32kgs.  I didn't even feel dead though it was a 95% effort.  I am still not quite back with volume just yet but it is getting there.  


Catherine Imes said...

Nice Work Marty.

I'm enjoying the double work right now with the 20s. Technique is huge with that. I can be a little bit lazy with the single 16kg and even the 20kg/24kg, but with 2 relatively heavy bells, Technique is paramount.


Scott Shetler said...

Com. Marty is the man! Nice work dude!