Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One Arm Deadlift Video

Enjoy the video

I use a hook grip

One arm deadlift

The first

is 90 kg

The second

is 110 kg

the third

and failed attempt

130 kg


There is change( a 10lb plate on each side but its ok.). I will do a 140kg one arm deadlift successfully in the near future. These are fun.


Alexander said...

Very nice! Is oa dl a regular part of your routine? If so have you noted something particular regarding carry over to snatch and lc?


Kettlebelllifter said...

Hey Alexander.

It is not. First attempt. I had knowledge of a hook grip though.

About the carry over, you have it backwards. The connective tissue strength is from the kettlebells. and the one arm deadlift is not trained. It is a risky feat of strength.