Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flint Michigan

I just want to say wow.   That meet was incredible with all the familiar faces and some of the new ones!  I think I saw at least 50 people there.  There incredible performances from all around.   Ken and Lorraine did a nice job setting it up and it was fun hearing the commentary.  I will write more about who was all there and the aftermath and the decision to attend the meet 8 hours before upon hearing it in  conversation with Valery on the phone.  Great times great times!!!!


The Edge said...


We met briefly at the meet in Michigan. Unfortunately, I didn't get the opportunity to speak with you with all that was going on. Even so, I felt privileged to get to perform at the same meet as yourself and all the other great athletes that attended.

As a rookie thirsting for knowledge I have enjoyed reading your posts. In my endeavor to advance my skills & technique, I am constantly searching for useful and credible sources of information to accelerate my learning. Your blog has helped me a lot, much appreciated!

Glad your back using the 28's. I look forward to hearing about your journey back to the 32's and to seeing your return to the competitive stage in future.


Kettlebelllifter said...

Hey Ross,

You were one of the European fellows for sure I remember. You and your friend both mean business. I could tell that immediately. You get your technique down and keep up the work ethic and you will be at least MS. Technique always helps!

My blog did little to help. 90% is you;) 9.9% is your coach and my blog is .1%:) Thanks very much.