Thursday, December 9, 2010

Master versus Jack of all trades: CC follow on

Which is better is anybody's guess.

Kettlebells are arguably a survival tool. Maybe not the all encompassing tool but a simple way to prepare for survival. I watched GI Jane the other day(I really like the movie). And I think people think that "bad ass" comes from doing a lot of different things successfully(training in the movie). I can come to grips with that.

So are these people who went through the program jacks of all trades? I say no way. I say they are high level survivers ha ha. They have to have fair strength, mental toughness and a lot of endurance(physical and mental). Sound familiar? Sure they use different activities to approach this. Kettlebell Sport is all about survival. Its high level survival with 2 32kgs crashing down on you for 10 minutes or hanging onto 70 lbs with multi G's for double and triple digits.

Are there specific ways to help with the physical tests in the movie that are not kettlebell? Sure, but the tests are there to get people in shape to do the job and be able to focus even if not at 100%(under duress like in kettlebells).

Training people who want to succeed

So why did I write this? Lately, I've been talking to people who want to focus on kettlebell sport and and add all of this "conditioning" work.

Its why I posted the CC training blog a few posts back. Since I don't do this for a living I don't need repeated customers. Thus, I want you to succeed to the point where you can write your own ticket. I don't care who you are.

When you're ready to train let me know. We can cut out the bs and get to work. If price is an issue maybe we can negotiate through email at . But if we work together I can guarantee results and work with your specific strengths and weaknesses.


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