Sunday, December 19, 2010

Feedback about the chalk and some tips

Hey everyone. Like I said it really was a broad question in the first place so no wrong answer. I was taking mental notes on some of the responses.

The need to have dryness between the hand and the handle surface changes with Factors like:

exercise, duration and the weight.

Someone mentioned not using chalk which I liked but keeping the hands dry.

One thing I do is make sure my hands are dry.


I watch people chalk their hands at a competition without really chalking them. What you need to know, is that you want to anti moisturize your hands and wrists all over, in between your fingers, the backs of your fingers over the fingernails, your palms, the inside of your wrists to the point where the chalk is sunk in completely. The bells "feel" different chalked or not as long as your hands are very dry.

Back to chalking the bells:

Criterion for chalk use are:

5 minutes or more for long cycle(64 kg) and snatch with a 32 kg.

With 24 kgs snatch/48 kg longcyle about 6 minutes or more.

28 kgs 5 minutes or more like with 32 kgs on snatch/longcycle(56 kg).

With jerks, techncially you don't need it in a life and death scenario but I prefer 7minutes or more unless I'm trying for a PR, then chalk could be used anytime. Someone else mentioned that the chalk stays on after a few sessions. Yes it does:) Thanks for your weigh ins.

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