Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Service: CC for Competitive Lifters

CC (Correspondence Coaching)

8 week block course (99 per week). After Christmas Holiday I'll go with 119 per week.

The way I look at it is like this. You get what you pay for. It will be tough and painful and full of progress with no bs and the good news its only 8 weeks.

I'm not looking to coach a 1000 people necessarily but rather coach those few who are very serious about consistent training. This includes Internet and phone consultation. My time is your time even though I also have to train.

From Kettlebell lifter to Kettlebell lifter I want you to make progress in the best possible way that I can and you will.

What that translates to...once complete you will have the necessary building blocks to continue to progress without me.

If you decide to come back to tweak things then we can do the same price on case by case. ( 1 week at a time)

If I have to help you for more then 6 months about program then that's a disservice to you unlike a lot of services.

The BLUF( Bottom Line Up Front) is results. Consider this a one time cost that will continue to reap benefits in your ability to lift.

Service includes

- Technical proficiency to finest detail tailored(body type) specific from lifter to


- Program tailored specific to each lifter

- Understanding Fundamentals(bio mechanics, lifting principles)

- How to properly chalk a bell

- Breathing Technique

- Visualization drills for each training session

If you have any questions about any of this I highly recommend emailing me at

Thanks and have a great month.


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