Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coming back from surgery/Working within our parameters

I will keep this short and sweet.
I tried a one armed long cycle with 12kg for 6 minutes switching hands on the minute with an emphasis on technique.   

I did 6 reps per minute for the first 4 minutes and 14 reps per minute on the last two minutes.

It did not feel sufficient for the day.  

And since I don't want to push the weight I need to do more reps but I'm impatient and wanted to do 1000 reps in minimum time.  

So, on a whim I did 12 kg one armed swings for fun, one switch.  It pans out to 500/500 and took approximately 28 minutes.  

I can't or should try to lift heavy for about 4 weeks but I can get a good workout with 12 kg. Granted I've been laying around doing nothing for two weeks straight and had lost a quart of blood or more.  The low iron count from the blood loss affected my energy level and walking around and interacting became taxing.  

As of yesterday I felt normal in that it wasn't.  
Its about how you feel and I felt good about this set of 1000 with 12 kg.  So the work done was 12000kg in one set.   


Garrett Lent said...

loving the marty math at the end :)

Scott Shetler said...

Yeah Marty-Math is MUCH easier to understand than Marty-Speak! ;-)