Saturday, June 28, 2008

Its not about

Who can get somewhere first.  

 Some people are motivated by "beating" other people.  Its not my first thought about progress. 

I have demonstrated Master of Sport level and I'm looking forward.  

Its about "Whats next?"

The point that is made; it doesn't stop.  What that means is that whoever is first will not be the last.  If someone else becomes MSWC or MSIC first I will be there eventually.  I will not stop.  Though titles are earned, no one can say you didn't do these reps.  My interest is bettering myself and I haven't gotten bored.  

It wasn't always this way and if someone told me 5 years ago this would have happened they would have ruined it.  I would have psyched myself out.  When I attempted MS every month, it became a double edged sword.  On one hand I had many opportunities and on the other I traveled a great deal throughout the year which became taxing.  The good news is, the more you test yourself in different places/situations, the better you become at assessing what you can do "that day" .  If something is slightly off, it can mean a significant amount of reps.  

In my personal experience, kettlebell competition is the hardest thing I have ever done and it will get harder.  I welcome it.  

One other thing.  

Who you are depends on two very important factors.  You can have one or the other and that is good.  But its better if you can have both for the best progress.

1.  Where you stand with the reps you can perform


2.  Who your coach is 

Very simple

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