Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stepping back to step forward

Well here goes on my first blog:
With this jaw surgery I am set back a few months.  It was not fun for the last two weeks to say the very least.  In about three weeks I can start stable training to get back to where I was.  I predict that it will seem difficult especially at first.

First of all, congratulations to all who competed in Hamburg.  As for unfavorable conditions and bad days I've had my share.  It sucks.  I have to adapt on the spot and "its experience"  like VF says.  Work with what you got.  Well done anyways.  
Getting back to stepping forward after having stepped back... I have worked with professional(32kg) kettlebells, with less then optimal technique but it seemed to have "felt" more comfortable but was the very thing holding me back from 60-70 jerks and 80-100 snatches.  

This is what Fedorenko said all along and I think because (experience wise) I had more time under the bells then most, I had a problem going back to unlearn and undo bad habits.  I didn't have a coach!  The year 2007 throughout changed that and part of 2008.   Since technique is even better now, I predict more gains. Technique will grant me potential to push myself harder and ultimately make myself better in a strength capacity and endurance capacity.  It is not quite one or the other entirely.  We as humans don't necessarily function with strength or endurance alone.  More for endurance to take a side but I am not a marathon fan.  While I respect it, it is too much in my opinion.   Work capacity is what we have potential to exude in copious amounts.

And since kettlebell lifting is yet to be researched on many levels, it will be interesting to see how using them to their fullest potential will affect the human body.   

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