Sunday, June 22, 2008

Training: Coming back is different the first go around

My de conditioned workout .

one armed LC for 20 minutes with 12 kg.  I used one switch.  

105 reps each hand.  The gym had been on the warm side and I sweat a little.  
I felt tired and though the weight had been light I still felt tired. 

It amazes me how easily the "downhill" can occur.  

This pattern of returning will be different for the first time 
around so those who have the ability to do this with difficulty will have a different pattern/frequency then what I do for the next month.  So if you are following along keep in mind that I don't recommend this as a training routine for progress simply because its different. 

Ok I wasn't quite finished.   In the next few weeks I don't know whats gonna happen.  This set felt like (when I was conditioned) what 20-24 kg would have done to me for that amount of reps for that length of time.  It is not a direct comparison because after a workout I feel somewhat decent but I felt tired for the remainder of the day.  It hits you in all areas.  Mental state, physical state etc.  I just felt blah.  


Anonymous said...


Remember, one day at a time...
You're level of skill is what's going to bring you back in no time!



Kettlebelllifter said...

Thanks rebecca. I did 140 snatches each hand in 14 minutes the other day. It was difficult not but too too much. How is your shoulder?



Anonymous said...

Shoulder for the most part is okay. Snatches tend to "flare" things up. What I do know is that I have to really get warmed up before doing any snatches, even if the weight is light. Also, after I do snatches I really need to stretch my shoulders back out. Going on vacation and get to focus on training!