Monday, June 16, 2008

Sources of inspiration

I don't want to name drop too too much.  

After having been told here and there I was a source of inspiration, I say that the honor was and is mine.  They were the inspiration.  A truly positive thing.  New youngsters like Garrett inspire me with what they could become.  The bottom line is to achieve greatness.  Andrew Durniat, Steve Cotter, Scott Helsley, Susanna Baxter, David Zink, Lorraine Patton, Catherine Imes have all achieved greatness.  The inspire everyone, especially me.  I brag about them constantly to people who don't know about kettlebells.  I brag about Eric Liford's success story with kettlebells.   Jon Hoskins inspires me with his technique perfection.   VF goes without saying.  

Here is a video of results and cohesive effort.  YouTube - IGSF Long Cycle Championship

But what is interesting are the new people who get caught up in the spirit of competition even if it is on the sidelines.  Some of them later compete and continue to encourage.  Chris Duffy, Philip H, Rebecca and Lauri, Scott Shetler who are all supportive are achieving greatness.  Stop and look back to where you were when you started and assess where you are now.   

I remember Lauri when she started out and had been frustrated but always tried and tried and tried.  That is inspiration.  I saw her video recently and her snatches have improved so much. Lots of good things going on.  I say this as example of very many coaches who have come a long way.   

To me it doesn't matter your level but where you want to go.  How fast you get there almost doesn't matter as long as you continue to move.  Since VF has provided the method it becomes methodical and with the right elements to decide who you want to be.  

These people are driven which indicates that to succeed they all have to lead by example.   So in a sense we have a bunch of leaders.  Some lead by example, others coach and there are those who do both.  

I am saying what I had always been thinking but had been too busy training.   Since I'm on the sidelines, its easy to see everyones' progress.   


Catherine Imes said...

Nice Post.

It is inspiring to see everyone improve. You were the first that displayed what very hard work over time can do. You set a fine example!

That's the beauty of this stuff. Sure it rewards natural talent or folks who come to the training with more strength, but it is the folks who dedicate themselves to getting better that really inspire. Lauri is a prime example. I've seen great improvement in her lifts. Her dedication to getting better will make her a better coach!

Thanks Marty!

Howie Brewer said...

Hi Marty,

Thanks for starting up this blog. I'm new to kettlebell lifting and a newly branded WKC Fitness Trainer. I'm looking forward to reading your posts and learning more about the sport. Hope you're recuperating well and feeling ok.


Steven Khuong said...


Great blog! You and Catherine continue to be an inspiration for us.

Kettlebelllifter said...

You're welcome Cate. You go into this with the best attitude.

The beauty of this stuff yes... Hard work builds character and there quite a few characters;)

I can't wait til Canada.

Kettlebelllifter said...

Hi Howie,

Thanks for the boost. I need all of them I can get:) But I am feeling so much better.

I can't wait to see the fitness cert myself. I'm very anxious.

As for the sport I hear you about the learning. I'm far from done myself man despite what anyone thinks!


Kettlebelllifter said...

Hey Steven,

I appreciate that compliment. Happy training!