Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kettlebell Sport Athletes with different backgrounds


I talk about this all the time, the different people with very different backgrounds that come to the competition.  Since Strength/Endurance is a spectrum people can put up the same numbers starting at the opposite direction from each other on the strength/endurance spectrum.  

To put it simply, some come with more endurance background and some with more strength. 

To turn things sideways, technique mastery plays a role but to a point.  For Kettlebell Sport 32 kg had been chosen as the weight to use.  It affects many in different ways.  For some it may seem heavy, so the focus for them would be strength if they have endurance as their forte.  The other side of the coin are those who have strength to lift multiple x 32 kg for one rep.  Their endurance will need work.   No brainer.  

I like to put myself next to a few individuals of Team of America.  I won't name drop right now but will say that one has more endurance then me.  With one armed 32kg/ two armed 24 kg he would beat me I think.  With two armed 32kg I would beat him.  There are others who would beat me with one armed 40kg that would match me with 2 32kg.  Its a game because athletes need to toggle back and forth as they improve.  Unfortunately, it would seem that it is all relative.  

How do we know what area we need to work on???

 Sure in the beginning of our quest to improve our condition we improve by leaps and bounds.   For someone who has been involved for a while needs to continue it becomes harder.  He/she may need to build strength and endurance together.  This is where the health aspect is probably the most important.  I need to recover better then before so I can train more volume to improve both strength and endurance together.  A high level athlete could be considered high level health(ability to recover faster). 

They have to....  

Sleep schedule and diet become more and more important.  Casual drinking is gone, drinking sodas or sweet drinks are gone.  Eating out casually is gone.  It depends how far you want to take it.  There is no limit because the result based on how many reps is what matters.  

I leave on a few questions:  

What kind of work capacity would I need to perform 220+ jerks for 10 minutes with 2 24 kgs?(There are people of varying bodyweights who have done this)
What kind of Vo2 max would I have?
What kind of strength would I possess?  

Just think about how fast that pace is with 106lbs for that amount of time.  Its quite a thing:)
This person has the best technique, the best endurance and plenty of strength.


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