Friday, June 27, 2008

Timeline of my kettlebell experience


First heard about kettlebells from my friend.  
3-4 months snatched 16 reps each hand with 24 kg

Jerked 2 24 kgs 16 reps and snatched 20 reps each side with 24 kg

Jerked 2 24 kgs for 22 reps at 2004 nationals
Snatched 45 reps each hand with 24 kg


In this order
Jerk two 24 kg kettlebells 
44 reps
50 reps
72 reps
90 reps


70-90 reps each hand with 24 kg

32 kg Jerks

8 jerks with 2 32kgs
10 jerks with 2 32kgs
12 jerks with 2 32kgs
13 jerks with 2 32kgs
14 jerks with 2 32kgs
17 jerks with 2 32kgs
23 jerks with 2 32kgs
25 jerks with 2 32kgs
at Atl 35 jerks with 2 32kgs
at Moscow 28 jerks with 2 32kgs



When doing snatches after jerks

Her is where I got messed up with technique.  I had worked so hard no knowing at what I was doing and drastically trying to change something that set me back


56 Jan
56 Feb
56 March
61 April
60 May
37 June or July.  

August or Sept 67-68

Nov 66(MS)

Snatches (2007)

November 87 but keep in mind I had changed something and only did minimal to get what I needed.

Jan 2008 100 snatches in 8 minutes.  


ericc said...

This tells quite a bit Marty - first your dedication to performance and improvement as well as your work ethic. Don't to mention the humbleness to takes to set aside a fair amount of pride in your (considerable)achievements to relearn and grow.
It also motivates and for this I am very grateful. This was my first week training regularly with my new AKC 28kg bells! early spring I did 19 reps ( for 5:00 (jerk)with my old DD 28kg bells but this week I could only manage 9 reps in 3:00 while fresh. So I was a bit discoureged this week. But seeing your progress through the years and your dedication is a big help. At 43 and 68kgs I have no illusions - but I do have alot of faith!


Kettlebelllifter said...

Those first two sentences, I like the part about relearning. Its easier to do with lighter bells.

Are we talking LC or jerk for the 3 minutes and the other way.

When I did all out jerks til I was tired I did 20 or so. I forgot to mention that when I tried to last I started at 9 jerks with 2 24 kgs.

discouragement is normal and temporary. There are ways around stalling.

ericc said...

Jerks for 3:00.
Earlier in the year I was training LC (with 24kgs) with a second set of jerks added in.
Now it's back to jerks and snatches. First set with the 28's, second with the 24's for longer time (5-8). As my time with the
28's grow longer I thought I would drop my time with the 24's and increase the RPM. Snatches and swings finish things up.

Howie Brewer said...

Hi Marty, that's for the timeline. It gives a nice perspective of the amount of work that goes into being really good at kb's. With only a year under my belt, it helps to see how long real progress takes. All of my DD-style bells, 16, 24, 32, are now collecting dust as I restart with a 12kg AKC bell. There's definitely some ego swallowing involved. But I like this training and have committed to it. Thanks for the education! Howie