Sunday, July 20, 2008

Almost there

1 more month and then I'll be good for the heavier bells.   Almost feel normal but not quite.  
Long Cycle is the only lift I do with some some one armed work but it is the all inclusive lift for basics.   Throttling back BECAUSE of the bone healing from the upper jaw area has been the hardest thing but also indirectly good  because its motivating to want to jump back in.  So, the next best thing is to just work with the lighter bells a lot which will help my conditioning.   

Even 12 kg is not too light.  

It depends on the exercise, the duration and the pace of course:)   If I work with one kettlebell or two or 5 minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes or one hour its gonna be difficult.   :D  I admit, I don't know if I had done over 30 minutes non stop with a kettlebell.  

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Ken Black said...

Marty good to see you back training. Nice to read your insights on your blog.

Take care,