Friday, July 25, 2008

What I am able to do. fitness/conditioning

I can do LC with 2 24 kgs.  The doctor said that for two months ( been one month and one week) not to clench when lifting or to stop when feeling pressure.   I'm apprehensive to try with 32 kgs.  So my thought is to stay with 24 kgs.  Even when exhausted I don't strain or clench when doing long cycle.   

This is a tidbit for kettlelbell lifting from a wellness standpoint.  For someone who has blood pressure or cholesterol or bad knees this concept of fitness with kettlebells for these people is a perfect fit.  My feet never leave the ground(minimize impact).  I never clench for a submaximal weight.  

The amount of tension for a lift is learned through repetition.  

The discretion should be based on the ability to do very high reps with light weight in the beginning to get the form down.  

I tried to run and felt pressure in the jaw area.  Not pain but definite vibration.  So I stopped.  
From a standpoint of coming back from a surgery kettlebells reigns supreme especially where avoiding trama is concerned.  If you go light enough if shouldn't be a problem.  I can't run but I can lift 2 24kgs kettlebells.  After what I had been through I wouldn't do what I thought was risky.  Any problems, I would stop.  I want to come back as fast as I can.  In my experience that means that I want to come back as safe as I can.  I want to get the max benefit for my workouts.  

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