Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Latest training milestone

Coming back from 2.5 months off.  

2 24kgs LC for 5 minutes for 35 reps.  I had 40 in me for an all out effort.  Technique felt good, better then before.  Technique enables more reps and/or heavier weight.  I like progress.  

First time using heavier then the 16kgs.  I liked it.  I can't wait to get back to 32kgs.  

This blog is short.  Merely a benchmark for this little comeback from nothing.  My very first workout was 12kg one arm work.  By 6 minutes of a 10 minute set, my legs started to shake.  Its what happens when you lay around and do nothing for two months.  the mind is somewhat ready, technique is good and the body says WTF?  !?!?!?


John Wild Buckley said...

Welcome Back Marty, It's good to see your lifting again.

Kettlebelllifter said...

Thanks Wild man John!